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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Book Reviews

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General Collecting Interest

Specific Camera Makes

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Books of General Camera Collecting Interest
  • Collecting and Using Classic Cameras by Ivor Matanle

    Ivor Matanle now writes regularly for Amateur Photographer. This book is ideal for the beginner but still makes a good read for the more experienced camera collector/user. Ivor Matanle has also written "Collecting and Using Classic SLRs."

    Click to order Collecting and Using Classic SLRs from amazon.com.

  • Discovering Old Cameras 1839-1939 by Robert White
  • Discovering Cameras 1945-1965 by Robert White

    These are two of a number of excellent Shire books on various collecting subjects and they are a good introduction to collecting for the absolute beginner.

    Although currently out of print, the books may be obtainable second-hand and Shire books rarely seem to stay out of print.

  • Japanese 35 mm. SLR Cameras by William Hansen

    Order from amazon.co.uk (not available from amazon.com)

  • McKeowns Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras 2001-2002

    In our opinion, this is the best price guide available for the antique and classic camera market. The new edition is now out and the picture quality has been enormously improved. It has 782 pages, a comprehensive and large index and other information including the all-important McKeown's Law - The price of an antique camera is entirely dependent upon the moods of the buyer and seller at the time of the transaction. This is more than just a price guide however - there is useful information given about each camera to aid identification. For example, this is the entry for the pre-war version of the Exakta 66.

    • 1938-39 Horizontal body style and film transport (like an overgrown Exakta A, B or C). Focal plane shutter, 12 sec to 1/1000. Vacublitz socket with two contacts and a third hole for mounting. Advance lever on bottom. Very limited production, approximately 1200-1500 examples. $1000-$1500

    Order the hardback from amazon.com

    Order the paperback from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

    Books about Specific Camera Makes (in alphabetical sequence of camera make)

  • Asahi Pentax and Pentax SLR 35 mm. Cameras 1932-1989 by Danilo Cecchi

    Order from amazon.co.uk (not available from amazon.com)

  • Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras by Joan and James McKeown

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Exakta Cameras 1933 - 1978 by Clement Aguila and Michel Rouah

    Order from amazon.co.uk

  • Hasselblad Compendium by Rick Nordin

    Order from amazon.co.uk

  • Kodak Cameras by Brian Coe.

    Order from amazon.co.uk

  • Nikon Classic Cameras Vol. 1. F, Nikkormat series, FE, FE2 and FA by Paul Coman

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Nikon Classic Cameras Vol 2. All models of F2 by Paul Coman

    Order from amazon.co.uk (not available from amazon.com)

  • Pentax Classic Cameras K, M and Lx series by Paul Coman

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Rollei Die Gescichte De Zweiaugen Spiegelflexkameras by Ian Parker.

    English edition. Order from amazon.co.uk

  • Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926 - 1939 by B. B. Tubbs

    Order from amazon.co.uk

    Camera Technology and Repair

  • Camera Maintenance and Repair Book 1: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide

    One of several books by Thomas Tomasy about camera repairs. He has a realisitic approach to his subject and does not allow the reader to think camera repairing is simple.

    Order from amazon.com
  • Camera Maintenance and Repair: Book Two: Advanced Techniques

    Another in the series by Thomas Tomasy

    Order from amazon.com

  • Camera Technology: the Dark Side of the Lens by Norman Goldburg

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Care and Repair of Classic Cameras for Photographers and Collectors by Joe Lippincott

    Order from amazon.com

  • Leica Camera Repair Handbook: Repairing and Restoring Collectible Leica Cameras, Lenses and Accessories by Thomas Tomasy

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Nikon Camera Repair Handbook by Thomas Thomasy

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

  • Restoring Classic and Collectible Cameras

    Another Thomas Tomasy book. It is useful, but not essential, to have studied 'Camera Maintenance and Repair'.

    Click to order Restoring Classic and Collectible Cameras from amazon.co.uk

    Click to order Restoring Classic and Collectible Cameras from amazon.com

  • Restoring the Great Collectible Cameras by Thomas Tomasy

    Order from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com


  • A History of the Photographic Lens by Rudolph Kingslake

    Order from amazon.com

  • Eyes of the R.A.F. by Roy Conyers Nesbit and Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil Wheeler

    History of photo-reconnaisance in the R.A.F., written at the request of the Association of Royal Air Force Photography Officers.

    Order from amazon.co.uk


Note that we are delighted to be able to offer site visitors the chance to order books directly. We suggest UK residents will find shorter delivery times and lower postal costs from UK-based amazon.co.uk while US residents will prefer the US parent, amazon.com. Where availability is limited to one country or the other, I have tried to indicate this.

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