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Aircraft Books for sale

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.


ABC Continental Military Aircraft by John W. R. Taylor, Ian Allan 1955, 125 mm. x 184 mm. softback 80 pages plus cover, excellent condition. (22862) £2.

ABC Enemy Aircraft (German and Italian) of World War Two by Kenneth G. Munsen, Ian Allan 1960, 122 mm. x 184 mm. soltback 64 pages plus cover, very good condition, cover soiled. (22863) £2.

ABC of Helicopters by Jphn W. R. Taylor, Ian Allan 1954, 122 mm. x 182 mm. softback 56 pages plus cover, excellent condition. (22860) £2.

Air Traffic Control by David Adair, who is an expert in air traffic control, and who here unravels the mysteries of the subject. Published by Patrick Stephens 1985. 167 mm. x 225 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 176 pages. Weight 450 grams. Near mint condition except for a slight cup mark on the front. (26849) £4.35.

B-17 Fortress At War by Roger A. Freeman. Published by Ian Allan 1979. 221 mm. x 298 mm. Hardback, 192 pages. Weight 1100 grammes. Condition: Binding s;ightly marked but sound. Content excellent with very slight foxing. (27423) £4.

BAC Lightning by Arthur Reed, published by Ian Allan, 1980. 186 mm. x 242 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 112 pages on art paper. Binding near mint. Dustjacket excellent. Content mint. Weight 500 grammes. (23972) £3.80.

BAe 146 by M. J. Hardy, Modern Civil Aircraft: 11, published by Ian Allan 1991. 174 mm. x 236 mm. softback 96 pages. Weight 300 g. Near mint condition. (26722) £2.90.

Boeing 747 by Robbie Shaw, published by Osprey 1994. 207 mm. x 228 mm. softback 128 pages. Weight 450 g. Content near mint. Front cover is a little curled. (26725) £2.55.

Boeing 757/767 by Robbie Shaw, published by Ian Allan 1992. 237 mm. x 174 mm. softback 64 pages. Weight 200 g. Near mint condition. (26723) £2.90.

British Aircraft 1809 - 1914 by Peter Lewis, published by Putnam 1962. 145 mm. x 215 mm. library hardback 576 pages. Weight 900 grams. Believed to be the authoritative book on the subject, with hundreds of photographs and drawings. Ex-library copy, in good condition. (26851) £47.

Messerschmitt BF-119 At War by Armand Van Ishoven. Published by Ian Allan 1985. 220 mm. x 298 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket, 128 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Generally near mint. Dustjacket is slightly torn at spine top. (27426) £15.

The Camel Fighter by John Pudney, published by Hamish Hamilton 1964, 220 mm. x 216 mm. hardback 64 pages. Cover marked. Some marks on inside. Good. Weight 350 grammes. (23641) £3.80. Pictures

The Royal Air Force Of World War Two In Colour by Roger A. Freeman, published by Brockhampton 1993. 227 mm. x 282 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 160 pages. Weight 950 g. Near mint condition. (26726) £5.85.

The Vital Guide To The Major Airlines Of The World by Gunter Endres, published by Airlife 1996. 155 mm. x 218 mm. hardback 121 pages. Weight 350 g. Near mint condition. (26724) £5.

UK Airspace - Is It Safe ? by David Ogilvy. Published by Foulis 1989. 173 mm. x 230 mm. softback 136 pages. Weight 450 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27399) £8.

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