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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Art and Craft Books for sale
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Art Books

China Diary by Stephen Spender and David Hockney, published by Thames & Hudson, 1982. 198 mm. x 257 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 200 pages. Binding near mint. Dustjacket excellent. Content near mint. Weight 1000 grammes. (23982) £10.30.

History Of Art: Futurism And Dadaism by Jose Pierre, published by Heron Books 1969. 175 mm. x 272 mm. hardback 208 pages. Binding slightly damaged. Interior near mint. Dealers stamps on pages 1 and 5. (26839) £18.

How To Paint And Draw by Bodo W. Jaxtheimer, published by Thames & Hudson 1974, 155 mm. x 223 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 408 pages. Binding excellent, end papers slightly soiled, content near mint. Weight 1000 grammes. (24295) £8.70.

Sotheby's Art At Auction 1990 - 91, published by Sotheby's 1991. 225 mm. x 273 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 352 pages on art paper. Binding excellent. Dustjacket excellent. Content mint. Weight 2000 grammes. (24362) £14.

Handicraft Books

Anchor Book Of Counted Thread Embroidery. Copyright J. & P. Coats Ltd., 1960. Published by Batsford. 200 mm. x 277 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 230 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket worn, laminated, but complete. Content near mint. From a college library. Weight 1150 grammes. (23954) £8.60.

Borders For Embroidery by Grete Petersen. Published by Batsford 1973. 235 mm. x 180 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 63 pages. Weight 300 grammes. Dustjacket torn, but the book content is mint. (27482) £3.

Modern Needlework In 600 Pictures, a Daily Express publication undated. 180 mm. x 250 mm. hardback 224 pages. Binding excellent. Illustration forming first page slightly worn at corners amd edges. Text pages near mint. Weight 800 grammes. (23869) £9.60.

Samplers - Five Centuries Of A Gentle Craft by Anna Sebba, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1979. 225 mm. x 288 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 160 pages. Binding excellent, colour faded from top. Dustjacket excellent with one or two small tears. Content near mint. Inscription on front flyleaf. Weight 1100 grammes. (23952) £6.50.

The Art Of Needlecraft by R. K. and M. I. R. Polkinghorne, published by Associated Newspapers undated. 145 mm. x 215 mm. hardback 639 pages. Binding excellent. Endpapers stained by adhesive used in binding. Text pages near mint. Weight 1050 grammes. (23867) £14.40.

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