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A History Of Britain - At The Edge Of The World? - 3000 BC - AD 1603 by Simon Schama, published by BBC 2001, 191 mm. x 247 mm. softback 416 pages. Binding mint. Content mint. Weight 1200 grammes. (23994) £3.80.

A History Of The Athenian Constitution To The End Of The Fifth Century BC by C. Hignett, published by Oxford 1952. 145 mm. x 225 mm. hardback with dustjacket 420 pages. Dustjacket a little soiled and torn. Binding excellent. Extensive marking, mostly in pencil, throughout the text, which is otherwise excellent. Soiling of external edges of paper, worst at head. Weight 800 grammes. (23859) £11.80.

A History Of The Roman World From AD 138 To 337 by H. M. D. Parker, revised by B. H. Warmington, published by Methuen 1958. 140 mm. x 215 mm. softback 424 pages and insert maps. Cover a little stained and worn. Text pages and maps mint. Small insctiption on flyleaf. Weight 550 grammes. (23853) £4.60.

A History Of Warfare by John Keegan, published by Hutchinson 1993. 165 mm. x 241 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 432 pages. Weight 950 g. Near mint condition. (26704) £16.40.

A Literary History Of Rome In The Silver Age From Tiberius To Hadrian by J. Wight Duff, published by Ernest Benn 1968. 148 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 607 pages. Binding excellent. Text excellent with some pencil annotations. Inscription on flyleaf. Weight 850 grammes. (24259) £10.90.

ADA: The Enchantress Of Numbers: Prophet Of The Computer Age by Betty Alexandra Toole. Published by Strawberry Press 1998. 135 mm. x 205 mm. softback 323 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Near mint condition. (27252) £6.

Blow For A Landing by Ben Lucien Burman, Introduction by Joseph Henry Jackson, Illustrations by Alice Caddy. Published by Lutterworth 1948. 130 mm. x 190 mm. hardback 336 pages. Weight 350 grammes. Condition: Basically sound but the text pages are showing the book's age. (27396) £4

China - Cambridge Illustrated History by Patricia Buckley Ebrey, published by Cambridge University Press 2001. 205 mm. x 255 mm. softback 352 pages. Weight 1250 g. Near mint condition. (26704) £2.60.

Collins Guide To English Parish Churches edited by John Betjeman, published by Collins 1958. 150 mm. x 217 mm. hardback with dustjacket 480 pages. Weight 800 grammes. (23754) £6.

Documents Illustrating The Reigns Of Augustus And Tiberius 2nd Edition collected by Victor Ehrenberg and A. H. M. Jones. Published by Oxford University Press 1955. 148 mm. x 224 mm. hardback with dustjacket 171 pages. Weight 500 grammes. Inscription on flyleaf. Price cut off dustjacket (otherwise good). Binding and content in near mint condition. (27246) £15.

Europe 1815 - 1945 by Anthony Wood, published by Longmans 4th impression 1967 (1964 edition). 145 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 512 pages. Binding excellent. Small inscription inside front cover. Top and foredge age soiled, text pages mint. Weight 850 grammes. (23850) £6.45.

Hanoverian England 1714 - 1837 by Leonard W. Cowie, published by Bell & Sons 1967. 145 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 454 pages. Binding excellent. Exposed book edges soiled. Text unmarked except for very slight soiling of half title and last page of index. Weight 750 grammes. (23853) £4.70.

Historical Pageant Of Bradford - The Souvenir Book. Published 1931. Printed by Percy Lund Humphreys. 284 mm. x 225 mm. Softback 88 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Excellent. (27432) £6.

Hitler & Churchill - Secrets Of Leadership by Andrew Roberts. Published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson 2003. 163 mm. x 242 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket. 202 pages. Weight 600 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27445) £6.

Kelly's Directory Of Hull 1939, published by Kelly's Directories Ltd., 178 mm. x 268 mm. hardback 968 pages. Binding beginning to break up. Map missing. Text complete and in good condition. Weight 1800 grammes. (24294) £36.50.

Kelly's Directory Of The City Of York And Neighbourhood, 1963. 125 mm. x 185 mm. softback, 694 pages. Well used, but a good reference copy. Complete. Weight 500 grammes. (24123) £17.40.

Maskerado - Dancing Around Death In Nazi Hungary by Tividar Soros. Published by Canongate 2000. 130 mm. x 197 mm. softback 275 pages. Weight 250 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27401) £5.

Merit And Responsibility - A Study In Greek Values by Arthur W. H. Adkins, published by Oxford University Press, 1960. 146 mm. x 225 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 380 pages. Binding mint. Dustjacket slightly soiled and damaged, and price clipped. Text mint. Weight 650 grammes. (24115) £26.40.

Napoleon & Josephine: An Improbable Marriage by Evangeline Bruce. Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1995. 163 mm. x 242 mm. hardback with dustjacket 555 pages. Weight 1150 grammes. Dustjacket near mint, book in mint condition. (27247) £3.

Poverty Knock - A Picture Of Industrial Life In The Nineteenth Century Through Songs, Ballads, And Contemporary Accounts selected by Roy Palmer, published by Cambridge University Press. 220 mm. x 280 mm. softback 64 pages. Weight 250 grammes. (23750) £3.80.

Roman Britain by I. A. Richmond, published by Penguin Books 1971. 112 mm. x 180 mm. softback 240 pages plus plates. Cover excellent. Content slightly foxed at page edges, otherwise near mint. Weight 200 grammes. (24254) £2.15.

Romans And Britons In North-West England by David Shotter, published by University of Lancaster, 1997. 172 mm. x 243 mm. softback, 121 pages. Cover near mint. Text mint. Weight 350 grammes. (23911) £3.05.

The Age Of Reform 1815 - 1870 by Llewellyn Woodward, published by Oxford 1962. 145 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 681 pages plus maps. Binding excellent. Exposed edges soiled, less on foor. Previous owner's inscription inside cover. Text pages mostly excellent, occasional pages marked. Weight 1200 grammes. (23857) £4.70.

The Book Of Looms - a history of the handloom from ancient times to the present, by Eric Broudy, published by Studio Vista 1979. 225 mm. x 280 mm. hardback with dustjacket 176 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket excellent. Text mint. Weight 1050 grammes. (23878) £10.65.

The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume III. The Assyrian Empire. Edited by Bury, Cook, Adcock. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1960. 165 mm. x 240 mm. hardback, 821 pages. Binding getting worn but servicable. Text near mint. Weight 1350 grammes. (23916) £2.70.

The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume VI. Macedon 401 - 301 BC. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1969. 165 mm. x 240 mm. hardback, 646 pages. Binding excellent. Text near mint. Weight 1250 grammes. (23915) £3.05.

The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume IX. The Roman Republic 133 - 44 BC. Edited by Cook, Adcock, Charlesworth. Published by Cambridge University Press, 1966. 165 mm. x 240 mm. hardback 1022 pages. Binding very good. Text excellent. Edges of book a little shabby. weight 1700 grammes. (23917) £2.30.

The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume X. The Augustan Empire 44 BC to AD 70. Edited by Cook, Adcock, Charlesworth, published by Cambridge University Press, 1934. 165 mm. x 242 mm. hardback, 1058 pages. Binding showing its use. Text excellent with very few markings in pencil. Good reading copy. Weight 1800 grammes. (23914) £2.

The Collins Atlas Of World History, published by Guild (Collins), 1987. 235 mm. x 295 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 340 pages. Binding near mint. Dustjacket near mint. Text mint. Weight 1650 grammes. (23919) £3.85.

The Conquest Of Mexico by Hugh Thomas, published by Hutchinson 1993. 164 mm. x 241 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 812 pages. Weight 1450 g. Near mint condition. The dustjacket is slightly damaged and faded. (26703) £8.55.

The Cotton Kingdom by Frederick Law Olmsted. Published by Modern Library 1969. 143 mm. x 210 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket. 642 pages. Weight 750 grammes. Condition: Ex library. Usual stamps and stickers. Otherwise quite good. The book content is near mint. (27456) £8.

The Flood From Heaven - Deciphering The Atlantis Legend by Eberhard Zangger. Published by BCA (Sidgwick & Jackson) 1992. 162 mm. x 240 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket, 256 pages. Weight 700 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27446) £4.

The Georgians At Home 1714 - 1830 by Elizabeth Burton, published by Longmans 1967. 145 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 422 pages. Binding excellent. External head, foredge, and foot slightly soiled. Text mint. Weight 750 grammes. (23855) £4.70.

The Indians Of Canada 7th Edition by Diamond Jenness. Published by National Museum of Canada 1977. 153 mm. x 231 mm. Softback 432 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27447) £9.

The Mainstream Of Civilization To 1500 by S. Chodorow, M. Knox, C. Schirokauer, J. R. Strayer, H. W. Gatzke, published by H. B. J., 1989. 202 mm. x 255 mm. softback, 448 pages. Cover excellent. Text mear mint. Weight 900 grammes. (23910) £3.05.

The Plantage Chronicles, editor: Elizabeth Hallam, published by Greenwich Editions, 2002. 230 mm. x 298 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 352 pages. Binding and dustjacket mint. Test mint. Weight 1750 grammes. (23909) £3.85.

The Reign Of George III 1760 - 1815, by J. Steven Watson, published by Oxford University Press, 1960. 146 mm. x 223 mm. hardback, 637 pages plus maps. Binding excellent, slight wear at edges. Slight soiling of page edges at head, foredge, and foot. Text pages mint. Weight 1100 grammes. (24113) £5.15.

The Roman Revolution by Ronald Syme, published by Oxford University Press 1974. 136 mm. x 204 mm. softback 568 pages plus. Cover worn but serviceable. Content near mint put page edges soiled. Inscription on flyleaf. Weight 650 grammes. (24258) £3.40.

The Romans by R. H. Barrow, published by Penguin, 1972. 113 mm. x 182 mm. softback, 224 pages. Binding slightly creased. Text pages clean but foxed. (24116) £3.05.

The Shameful Trade by F. George Kay. Published by Frederick Muller 1967. 144 mm. x 222 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket, 218 pages. Weight 450 grammes. Condition: Ex library. Front end paper missing. Usual stamps and stickers but otherwise near mint. (27458) £4.

The Times Illustrated History Of The World, published by Times Books, 1995. Binding near mint. Dustjacket excellent - very slight rubbing at top edge. Text pages have very slight foxing at outside edges, otherwise near mint. Weight 2150 grammes. (23920) £3.85.

The Victorian Underworld by Kellow Chesney. Published by History Book Club 1970. 160 mm. x 243 mm. hardback 398 pages. Weight 1000 grammes. Binding is in excellent condition, book content is in mint condition. (27250) £5.

The Viking Achievement by Peter Foote and David M. Wilson, published by Book Club Associates 1970. 162 mm. x 240 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 473 pages.Weight 950 grammes. The dustjacket is a little worn, and the rest of the book is in near mint condition. (27263) £4.

The Yorkist Age. Daily Life During The Wars Of The Roses by Paul Murray Kendall, published by George Allen & Unwin 1967. 150 mm. x 225 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 526 pages. Weight 800 grammes. Ex library with the usual stamps at the front of the book. The dustjacket is well protected with plastic. The book content is near mint. (27264) £4.

Vietnam - A History. The First Complete Account Of Vietnam At War by Stanley Karnow. Published by BCA (Century Hutchinson), 1986. 160 mm. x 240 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket, 752 pages. Weight 1300 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27442) £12.


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