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Age Of The Gunfighter - Men And Weapons On The Frontier 1840 - 1900 by Joseph G. Rosa, published by Tiger Books 1996. 265 mm. x 340 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 192 pages. Binding mint (laminated from new). Dustjacket near mint. Text mint. Weight 1550 grammes. (23949) £9.75.

An Introduction To Farm Management And Organisation by M. Buckett. Published by Purgamon 1988. 172 mm. x 250 mm. softback 358 pages. Weight 600 grammes. Condition: Used but in very good condition. (27398) £10.

Cambridge Chess, by R. G. Eales, published by Chess Ltd. 1978. 140 mm. x 198 mm. softcover, 92 pages. Showing signs of use, but in good condition. (27208) £3.

Down A Cobbled Street - The Story Of Clovelly by Sheila Ellis, published by Badger Books 1987. 298 mm. x 212 mm. softback 64 pages. Weight 300 grammes. (23753) £5.15.

European Architecture by Nikolaus Pevsner, published by Penguin 1958. 112 mm. x 181 mm. softback 328 pages plus 64 pages plates. Text pages badly foxed, plates ok, cover slightly worn. Weight 250 grammes. (23866) £2.80.

Fairy Tales of Socialism, by Cumberland Clark, 1927, 140 mm. x 220 mm. hardback, 222 pages. Spine faded, slight foxing, nice reading copy. Weight 500 grammes. (23637) £12.15. Pictures

Folk Tales of the East Midlands, by Eric Swift, published by Thomas Nelson, 1954, 110 mm. x 160 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 184 pages. Small inscription on front flap of dustjacket, very good/good condition. (23617) £2.75. Pictures

Gardens Of The National Trust by Graham Stuart Thomas, published by Weidenfield & Nicholson, 1979. 225 mm. x 288 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 292 pages. Binding near mint. Dustjacket excellent - a little soiled at top. Content near mint with very slight foxing at outer edges. Weight 1400 grammes. (23983) £7.75.

Going For A Song: English Furniture. Arthur Negus Talks To Max Robertson. Published by BBC 1969. 155 mm. x 242 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 221 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket complete but worn. Content mint. Signed by Arthur Negus. Weight 650 grammes. (24124) £3.05.

Guns Of The Old West by Charles Edward Chapel, published by Coward-McCann 1961. 185 mm. x 260 mm. hardback with protected dustjacket, 306 pages. Weight 1150 g. Near mint condition. (26702) £4.60.

Gypsies Of Britain by Brian Vesey-FitzGerald. Published by Readers Union (D&C) 1974. 140 mm. x 220 mm. hardback with dustjacket 258 pages. Condition: Content generally excellent,but there is very slight foxing at some page edges. Weight 500 grammes. (27383) £5.

He Should Have Died Hereafter by Cyril Hare, published by Penguin Books 1960. 115 mm. x 182 mm. softback 155 pages. Weight 150 grammes. £3.80.

Henry Moore, Catalogue of exhibition at the Tate Gallery, by David Sylvester, published by Arts Council 1968. 257 mm. x 205 mm. softback 180 pages. Text excellent. Cover showing slight signs of wear. Weight 800 grammes. (23819) £7.80.

Hogarth's England, a selection of the Engravings with descriptive text by Eveline Cruikshanks, published by Folio Society 1957. 190 mm. x 255 mm. hardback 80 pages. Foot of title page has been bruised, otherwise near mint. Weight 450 grammes. (23817) £7.80.

James Bond - The Secret World Of 007 by Alastair Dougall, published by Dorling Kindersley, 2000. 263 mm. x 314 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 144 pages. Binding near mint, slight bruising bottom outer corner. Dustjacket excellent, slight signs of abuse. Content excellent. Weight 1150 grammes. (23992) £7.

Kreuzstichmuster Im Volkskunststil, published by Verlag Fur Die Frau 1952. 200 mm. x 275 mm. softback 32 pages plus some hand drawn diagrams. Mostly coloured diagrams but text is in German. Weight 200 grammes. (23749) £9.30.

Las Rapaces Ibericas by J. L. G. Grande and F. Hiraldo, exceptional photographs of birds of prey. Spanish text. Published in Spain 1987. 215 mm. x 308 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 296 pages on art paper. Binding excellent. Dustjacket excellent. Content near mint but stitching of binding is a bit slack. Weight 1700 grammes. (23948) £7.80.

Lead Mining In Wales by W. J. Lewis, published by University of Wales Press 1967. 148 mm. x 223 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 415 pages. Weight 900 grammes. Ex library with the usual stamps at back and front of book. The dustjacket is well protected with plastic. The book content is in near mint condition. (27284) £40.

New Lives For Old - The Story Of Britain's Child Migrants by Roger Kershaw & Janet Sacks. Published by The National Archives, 2008. 164 mm. x 242 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket, 256 pages. Weight 650 grammes. Condition: Mint. (27443) £14.

Opium And Gold by Peter Butler, published by Alister Taylor 1977. 210 mm. x 295 mm. softback 120 pages. Cover used and slightly damaged. Text near mint. Weight 500 grammes. (24118) £11.85.

Pagan And Christian In An Age Of Anxiety by E. R. Dodds, published by Cambridge University Press 1968. 145 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 144 pages. Binding excellent, small area of damage at top of spine. Content near mint with very slight pencil annotation. Inscription. Weight 350 grammes, (24260) £14.65.

Paris Album. Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, published by Folio Society 1958. 193 mm. x 255 mm. hardback not folioed. Weight 450 grammes. (23759) £2.15.

Pistols of the World - the definitive illustrated guide to the world's pistols and revolvers, by Ian Hogg and John Weeks, published by Arms and Armour Press, 1992. 272 mm. x 210 mm., 352 pages smooth cartridge paper. Fine/Very good condition. Weight 1550 grammes. (23379) £10.65. Pictures

Principles And Practice Of Radar by H. E. Penrose and R. S. H. Boulding, published by Newnes, 1958. 145 mm. x 222 mm. hardback, 803 pages. Binding very good but slightly worn. Content mint. Weight 1000 grammes. (24128) £9.60.

Radio And Line Transmission (A) by D. C. Green, published by Pitman 1968. 143 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 321 pages. Weight 525 grams. Binding slightly bruised at corners. Content mint. (26838) £16.

Sacred Songs & Solos: With Standard Hymns by Ira D. Sankey, published by Morgan & Scott undated. 137 mm. x 200 mm. hardback not folioed. Binding slightly worn. End papers stained. Content near mint but page edges soiled. Weight 800 grammes. (24287) £6.75.

Still Harping On Daughters. Women And Drama In The Age Of Shakespeare by Lisa Jardine. Second edition. Published by Harvester 1983. 138 mm. x 215 mm. Softback 202 pages. Weight 300 grammes. Condition: Near mint. (27457) £25.

The Adventures Of Tintin - The Secret Of The Unicorn by Herge. Comic book published by Methuen 1965. 230 mm. x 305 mm. Hardback 62 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Very good used. Binding sound but corners damaged. Some foxing. (27434) £20.

The Archers Intervene - A New Story Of The Ambridge Folk by Geoffrey Webb and Edward J. Mason, published by Heinemann 1956. 130 mm. x 190 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 216 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket complete but worn and torn. Content very good with page edges soiled. Good reading copy. Weight 300 grammes. (24127) £2.70.

The Class Structure Of The Advanced Societies by Anthony Giddens. Published by Hutchinson 1983. 138 mm. x 216 mm. Softback 366 pages. Weight 450 grammes. Condition: Front endpaper is damaged to remove price. Otherwise near mint. (27454) £4.

The Encyclopedia Of The Old West by Denis McLoughlin, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977. 163 mm. x 241 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 570 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket complete but torn c. 5 cm. at top in two places, soiled internally. Inscription at foreleaf. Crayon "D" at back. Some soiling at top of book. An excellent reading copy. Weight 1100 grammes. (23986) £7.75.

The Film Story Of Gone With The Wind, published by Hollywood Publications 1948. 120 mm. x 180 mm. softback 88 pages. Well used but a good reading copy. (23608) £2.

The Heritage Of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor by Avril Coleridge-Taylor, published by Dennis Dobson 1979. 143 mm. x 224 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 160 pages. Weight 350 grammes. Ex library with usual stamps at front of book. The dustjacket is well protected with plastic. The book content is near mint. (27269) £6.

The Hoffnung Music Festival, by Gerard Hoffnung, published by Dobson/Putnam 1956, 115 mm. x 175 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 56 pages. Reading copy/good. Dustjacket foxing and edges discoloured. Marks from dustjacket inside back and front covers. Dustjacket price clipped. Small bookseller's label inside front cover. Weight 150 grammes. (23618) £2.15.

The Making, Shaping, And Treating Of Steel, 5th Edition, by J. M. Camp and C. B. Francis. Published by United States Steel Corporation 1940. 159 mm. x 235 mm. hardback 1140 pages. Weight 1750 grammes. Binding excellent, content in mint condition. (27249) £35.

The Mississippi Pilot by Mark Twain, Two Men Of Sandy Bar, and Poems, by Bret Harte. Published by Ward, Lock, & Co., undated. 182 mm. x 122 mm. Hardback 161 pages. No dustjacket. Reading copy. Rubber stamped inside front cover, discolouration to page edges. Weight 500 grammes. (23452) £16.

The Ouija Book by Gina Covina. Published by Robert Hale 1979. 145 mm. x 222 mm. Hardback with Dustjacket 158 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Ex library. Front end paper missing. Usual stamps. Otherwise near mint. (27459) £5.

The Penguin Book Of Card Games, by David Parlett, published by Penguin 1979. 113 mm. x 182 mm. softback 474 pages. Weight 250 grammes. Near mint condition. (27207) £2.

The Wonderful Story Of The Sea edited by Harold Wheeler, published by Odhams undated. 187 mm. x 253 mm. hardback 512 pages. Weight 1700 grams. Excellent reading copy. 1.5 cm. long tear at foot of page 509/510. (26830) £5.90.

Theology Of The New Testament Volume One by Rudolf Bultmann, published by SCM Press 1974. 140 mm. x 216 mm. softback 395 pages. Cover slightly soiled. Text near mint. Weight 600 grammes. (23860) £2.30.

Treasures In Your Attic by Amoret and Christopher Scott. Published by Kaye & Ward 1971. 147 mm. x 223 mm. hardback with dustjacket 144 pages. Weight 400 grammes. Ex library. Usual stamps. Dustjacket is plastic-covered. Content is in excellent condition. (27240) £4.

Twenty Traditional British Folk Songs arranged by Imogen Holst, published by Faber Music 1968. 178 mm. x 255 mm. softback 32 pages. Cover good but soiled. Cover and pages 1 - 2 affected by damp. Remainder near mint. Weight 150 grammes. (24376) £3.45.

Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov. Published by Barnes & Noble 1993. 150 mm. x 217 mm. hardback with dustjacket 269 pages. Weight 950 grammes. Condition: Excellent. (27382) £6.

Walking With Dinosaurs - A Natural History by Tim Haines, published by BBC 1999. 257 mm. x 287 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 288 pages. Binding excellent, slightly damaged at base. Dustjacket near mint. Content mint. Weight 1750 grammes. (23993) £3.80.

Woollen & Worsted Yarn Manufacture by J. W. Radcliffe. Published by Emmott 1950. 130 mm. x 192 mm. hardback 421 pages. Weight 550 grammes. Binding is in excellent condition, content is in near mint condition. (27251) £15.

Yesterday - Photographs Of The Beatles by Robert Freeman, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1983. 260 mm. x 238 mm. hardback 96 pages. Weight 750 grammes. (23769) £8.65.

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