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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Poetry Books for sale
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Approaches To Catullus edited by Kenneth Quin, published by Heffer 1972. 141 mm. x 218 mm. softback 297 pages. Weight 350 grams. Cover shows slight signs of use. Interior near mint. (26840) £18.

Church Poems by John Betjeman, illustrated by John Piper. Published by Pan Books 1982. 132 mm. x 198 mm. softback, 80 pages. Binding excellent. Contents near mint. Inscription on flyleaf. Weight 100 grammes. (23988) £3.40.

Collected Poems 1934 - 1952 by Dylan Thomas, published by Dent 1st edition 1952. 145 mm. x 220 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 178 pages. A few pencil marks in text pages. Lower outside corner bruised by a fall. Dustjacket complete but worn. Inscribed with previous owner's name. Otherwise excellent. Weight 450 grammes. (23814) £34.40.

Collected Poems by Siegfried Sassoon, published by Faber 1st edition 1947. 140 mm. x 210 mm. hardback 269 pages. Foredge untrimmed - some pages still unslit. Near mint condition throughout. Weight 400 grammes. (23815) £7.40.

John Betjeman's Collected Poems compiled by The Earl Of Birkenhead, published by John Murray 1958. 118 mm. x 190 mm. hardback 279 pages. Weight 450 grammes. (23747) £4.70.

New Poems 1962 by Robert Graves, published by Cassell 1962 (first edition). 155mm. x 220 mm. hardback with dustjacket 42 pages. Weight 250 grammes. (23755) £7.80.

Poems Of Today First And Second Series published for the English Association 1934. Nice edition on pseudo-hand made paper, untrimmed. 135 mm. x 188 mm. hardback 350 pages. Weight 600 grammes. (23758) £2.

Poetical Works Of Robert Bridges, Excluding The Eight Dramas, published by Oxford University Press 1913. 132 mm. x 192 mm. hardback 472 pages. Weight 500 grammes. There is an inscription on the flyleaf. In excellent condition. (27270) £2.

Poetry Now North And North West England 2004, edited by Heather Killingray, published by Poetry Now 2004. 142 mm. x 204 mm. softback 243 pages.Weight 350 grammes. Cover is a little worn. The book content is mint. (27267) £10.

Sonnets From The Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, translated by Andre Maurois, published by Brentano's, 1944. 129 mm. x 180 mm. softback on pseudo hand made paper, untrimmed, 134 pages. Book is well used and cover is slightly soiled and worn. Text pages excellent. Excellent reading copy. Weight 200 grammes. (24114) £7.25.

Summoned By Bells by John Betjeman, published by John Murray first edition 1960. 173 mm. x 235 mm. hardback with dustjacket 111 pages. Binding excellent. Dustjacket slightly damaged. Previous owner's name on half title. Occasional marks in the text, otherwise near mint. (23865) £7.85.

The Collected Poems Of A. E. Houseman, published by Jonathan Cape 1949. Book untrimmed at foredge and foot. 137 mm. x 198 mm. hardback 256 pages. Binding near mint. Content mint. Weight 350 grammes. (24292) £7.65.

The Collected Poems Of James Elroy Fletcher, published by Seeker and Warburg 1947. 144 mm. x 222 mm. hardback 162 pages. Weight 350 grammes. The binding is very slightly worn, otherwise the book is in near mint condition. There is an inscription on the flyleaf. (27262) £8.

The Hawk In The Rain, by Ted Hughes, published by Faber 1968. 125 mm. x 183 mm. softback 59 pages. Normal signs of light use. Many neat marks in the text by the previous owner. Otherwise excellent. Weight 150 grammes. (23816) £5.25.

The Oxford Book Of Twentieth Century English Verse chosed by Philip Larkin, published by Oxford 1973. 140 mm. x 223 mm. hardback 641 pages. Binding excellent. Slight soiling of external head paper. Previous owner's name on flyleaf. Text near mint. Weight 800 grammes. (23858) £5.15.


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