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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

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In a former life I was a printer, or more accurately a compositor. I began teaching printing at a technical college, liked the work, and made it my full-time job. In due course I was appointed to the full-time staff and developed a keen interest in the history of printing. I started collecting literature on the subject, and these books are mostly from my collection.


At The Sign Of The Red Pale, a short account of the life and work of William Caxton by H. W. Larken, privately published by Maidstone College Of Art 1961. 146 mm. x 220 mm. hardback 56 pages. Weight 200 grams. (26850) £5.65.

Field Sons & Co. Ltd. Centenary Booklet 1850-1950. A collection of photographs (many in colour) and a description of the works in Bradford illustrating present-day (1950) colour printing and package production. 213 mm. x 280 mm. Softback not folioed. Weight 400 grammes. Condition: Interior excellent. Cover worn. (27435) £10.

Letterpress Machine Work, 2 volumes by R. G. Radford. Published by Staples 1951. 145 mm. x 220 mm. hardback. Volume I 270 pages. Volume II 251 pages. Weight (2 volumes) 1000 grammes. Bindings of both volumes are badly faded. Both books are otherwise in near mint condition. (27255) £15.

Mechanism And Operation Of Modern Linotypes. A handbook for the guidance and instruction of Linotype operators. Published by Linotype and Machinery Ltd. 1951. 162 mm. x 235 mm. hardback 232 pages. Weight 600 grammes. Binding used. Book content in near mint condition. Inscription on flyleaf. (27239) £15.

Operation And Mechanism Of The Linotype And Intertype Volume I by J. Ashworth. Published by Staples Press 1955. 150 mm. x 222 mm. hardback 354 pages. Weight 750 grammes. The binding is in a poor state. The book content is sound and clean except for one unimportant loose page. This book contains a wealth of information and diagrams. (27254) £15.

Practical Printing And Binding, 3rd edition. Published by Odhams 1965. 158 mm. x 230 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 448 paqges. Weight 1000 grammes. Dustjacket is slightly worn. Binding and book content are in near mint condition. (27244) £5.

The British Printer became the principal trade journal of the industry. It was initially published bi-monthly, and these early volumes contain a wealth of information about practices then followed. There are some magnificent woodcuts of printing presses etc. and much interesting comment relative to the time.

The British Printer Volume II Jan/Feb 1889 to Nov/Dec 1889. Six issues originally beautifully bound in leather in a single volume; binding now broken. Text excellent. Text and advertising correctly positioned. 190 mm. x 255 mm. x 39 mm. Weight 1900 g. £18.

The British Printer Volume III 1890. Published bi-monthly. Six issues originally beautifully bound in leather; binding now broken. Contents excellent. 190 mm. x 250 mm. x 45 mm. Weight 2000 g. (26643) £18.

The Linotype Manual by Linotype and Machinery Ltd 1964. 173 mm. x 231 mm. spiral bound hardback 164 pages. Weight 650 grammes. Cover slightly used. Content in near mint condition. Inscription on front cover verso. (27241) £5.

The Printers' Register Volume 20 6 July 1880 to 6 June 1881, published monthly. Bound 12 issues, text first, adverts at end. Binding broken. 215 mm. x 255 mm. x 40 mm. Weight 1800 g. (26642) £18.

The Printers' Register And The Newspaper Press July 6 1881 to June 6 1882. Bound in a single volume. Trade advertisements placed separately from the magazine text. Includes The Printers' Register Almanac for 1882. 218 mm. x 257 mm. Weight 1800 grammes. Condition: Binding holds the volume together but is in poor condition. Printing beginning to show its age. A very interesting work. (27443) £12.

The Printers' Register Volume 22 July 1882 to June 1883, published monthly. Superb woodcuts show printing machinery of the time. 12 issues bound in one volume, text at front, adverts at rear. Binding broken at the spine. Text excellent. 215 mm. x 255 mm. x 42 mm. Weight 1800 g. (26641) £18.

The Printers' Register And Bookbinders' And Stationers' Record Volume 28 July 1888 to June 1889, published monthly. Main text separated from advertising, which includes many superb woodcuts. Binding broken at the spine, content excellent. 210 mm. x 255 mm. x 38 mm. Weight 1800 g. (26639) £18.

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