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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Books about Boats and Ships for sale
Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.


Boat Trains And Channel Packets - The English Short Sea Routes by Rixon Bucknall. Published by Vincent Stuart 1957. 189 mm. x 251 mm. hardback 218 pages. Weight 650 grammes. Condition: The binding is slightly damaged and soiled. The content is near mint. (27391) £4.

Boatcraft - The Understanding And Care Of Yachts by Peter Heaton, published by A. & C. Black 1963. 145mm. x 223 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 134 pages. Weight 350 g. Excellent reading copy. £2.85.

British Sea Power In The 1980s by Rear Admiral J. R. Hill, published by BCA (Ian Allan) 1985. 223 mm. x 300 mm. hardback with dustjacket, 128 pages. Weight 750 grammes. The dustjacket is a little soiled at the back. The book and binding are very slightly foxed, but otherwise in near mint condition.(27285) £4.

The Brendan Voyage - An Epic Crossing Of The Atlantic By Leather Boat by Tim Severin. Published by BCA/Hutchinson 1978. 174 mm. x 241 mm. hardback with dustcover 292 pages. Weight 750 grammes. Condition: Generally near mint. The dustcocer is faded at the spine and is very slightly torn. (27403) £20

The China Clippers by Basil Lubbock. Published by Brown & Ferguson 1950. 190 mm. x 249 mm. hardback with dustjacket. 295 pages. Weight 1000 grammes. Condition: Binding excellent. Dustjacket well worn. Book content near mint. (27392) £10.

The Geordie Gunboat: The Story Of H.M.S. Newcastle. Published 2003. 212 mm. x 297 mm. softback 66 pages. Weight 350 grammes. In excellent condition. (27287) £4.

Jane's Warsaw Pact Merchant Ships Recognition Handbook. Published by Janes 1987. 190 mm. x 125 mm. softback 273 pages. Weight ??? grammes. Condition: Excellent. Ex library with stamps etc. on the first page. (27389) £14.

Records Of Merchant Shipping And Seamen by Kelvin Smith, C. T. Watts and M. J. Watts. Published by PRO Publications 1998. 187 mm. x 204 mm. softback 131 pages. Weight 450 grammes. Condition: Ex library but near mint. (27384) £9.


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