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May 2010. Stephanie died peacefully on 19th April after a short stay in hospital. She had been suffering from acute cervical cancer. Fred will continue to run the business to the best of his ability. The web site is slowly getting under control again as he tries to take over some of Stephanie's responsibilities, and learns some of the mysteries of Dreamweaver.

Condition Categories

Items sold are in good working order unless specifically stated otherwise.

As New

As supplied by the manufacturer, including box, packing and documents. We rarely use this category.


Indistinguishable from new. Note that the slightest handling marks may be present on new equipment.

Near Mint

Showing only signs of handling rather than of use.


Showing signs of careful ownership, and slight use, only.

Very Good

Showing signs of ownership and normal amateur use. Older cameras may also show some signs of deterioration through age.

Good Used

Showing obvious signs of use and/or age, but is still basically presentable. Damage (if present) will be specified.

Well Used

This category would be applied, for example, to a camera which had seen professional use, yet was still in good condition, with worn plating etc.


Signs of neglect, with deterioration of plating or polished surfaces, rusting of iron surfaces, although the item is still basically sound.


Shabby, with loose parts, or parts missing, which do not render the item unusable. Suitable for restoration.

For Repair

An item which, in our judgement, is not an economic proposition for commercial repair, but may be suitable for the amateur repairer.

For Parts

In our judgement the item is not repairable.


Requires cleaning. We do not normally undertake any restoration before sale, as some clients prefer items as they are.

If you have any queries, or you wish to know more about the condition of any item we offer for sale, please e-mail Stephanie or telephone (44) 01484-713992 (between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. will give you the best chance of speaking to one of us).

If you can travel to Halifax, and wish to inspect items personally, please e-mail Stephanie at least a day in advance (larger quantities of equipment, or very bulky items, will require more notice) so that we can ensure the items you wish to see are in the shop. We do not have space to carry our full range in the shop.

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