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May 2010. Stephanie died peacefully on 19th April after a short stay in hospital. She had been suffering from acute cervical cancer. Fred will continue to run the business to the best of his ability. The web site is slowly getting under control again as he tries to take over some of Stephanie's responsibilities, and learns some of the mysteries of Dreamweaver.

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We hate broken links so if we have any we would be very grateful if someone would tell us (we do check them ourselves as well).

If your site is here, please tell us if you move.

If you have a site which may be of interest to our visitors, please tell us about it.

Note: we were going to have "Dealers" and "Enthusiasts" but it is very difficult working out where one ends and the other begins. Dealers are generally very enthusiastic about old cameras, and most collectors can turn their hand to some successful dealing occasionally. So we gave up, and we have put them both in the same category.

Antique and Classic Camera web site, by Dan Colucci. Lots of fascinating information here about all sorts of classic cameras.

Collection d'appareils photo compacts et télémétriques. French site. Lots of information and instruction manuals.

Argus collectors group.

CameraQuest, full name "Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest", has lots of classic camera information, especially good for Nikon and Leica.

Camera Repair Secrets are at Ed Romney's Camera Repair and Restoration Web Site, where Ed Romney has details of his range of repair manuals.

Camera Reviews site has reviews for many different cameras, mainly modern cameras, but these are the collectibles of tomorrow.

Captain Jack's Exakta Pages

Classic Cameras site is in both English and German and contains information and links of interest to collectors. Uses frames.

The Classic Camera site has useful information about many of the best-known classic cameras.

Exakta collectors group. I have included this site as I know there is a lot of interest in Exakta, but I have not been able to visit the site due to long download times.

Flash Information can be found at Cress Photo. Everything about bulb flash of various types including a Polaroid checklist giving the flash required for each Polaroid camera.

Graflex site "dedicated to promoting the use and preservation of Graflex Speed Graphics and other classic and large-format cameras"

The Half-Frame Group for half-frame collectors and users.

A History of Photography looks at the technical developments and the people behind them in a very well-organised site which has few pictures so downloads easily.

Kodak Brownie Camera Page, with all sorts of information about Brownies.

Living Image Camera Museum

Miranda enthusiasts site, includes a very useful Miranda battery list. An under-appreciated camera marque.

MPP Users Club website, with lots of information about MPP cameras.

Orphan Cameras is a site with hundreds of free-to-download camera instruction books, including many Praktica, Cosina, Zenith etc.

Polaroid cameras are listed on the Land List pages; includes Polavision cine as well as Polaroid accessories, films etc.

Reel 3D Enterprises, "the world's largest mail order selection of new 3-D supplies"

Retro Photographic sell film in a range of hard to find sizes. Note - I cannot get this site to progress beyond the home page so I cannot say more about it.

Roland and Caroline's Home Page contains information about the cameras in their collection, plus information about repairs and some links.

Rollei 35 cameras are popular and now there is John Wallers' Unofficial Rollei 35 Collectors' Site, with lots of information on the cameras and accessories plus instruction books and lots of other interesting sections including a list of camera fairs.

Scott's Photographica Collection. Interesting site, with a good variety of cameras, accessories, ephemera and images, all carefully researched and well presented.

Stereo Information Source, "your one-stop information centre" for all things stereoscopic.

Stereo Slide Mounting is just one of the topics covered by the Rocky Mountain Memories 3D Encyclopedia. Rocky Mountain Memories sell "equipment and supplies for the 3D photographer". There are also links to other 3D sites.

Subminiature site, an excellent site with up-to-date news section giving information about new cameras and film availability as well as loads of other information. One of the best sites I have found.

Topcon collectors website. Often ignored by collectors, Topcon were an innovative company worthy of more notice than they get.

Another Topcon website, this one particularly interesting for fans of the Topcon RE Super/Super D camera system.

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