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May 2010. Stephanie died peacefully on 19th April after a short stay in hospital. She had been suffering from acute cervical cancer. Fred will continue to run the business to the best of his ability. The web site is slowly getting under control again as he tries to take over some of Stephanie's responsibilities, and learns some of the mysteries of Dreamweaver.

Links for writers or about authors/books

We hate broken links so if we have any we would be very grateful if someone would tell us (we do check them ourselves as well).

If your site is here, please tell us if you move.

If you have a site which may be of interest to our visitors, please tell us about it.

An online community for writers of all ages is at Writing.com

A book-related page which I enjoy visiting is the Terry Pratchett fans page. The Discworld books are very funny, and every time I read them I find jokes I don't remember noticing before.

Penguin offers a good site, with features, links, and background as well as an online shop.

John Labovitz's e-zine list contains losts of ezines which may take work as well as ezines of fiction and non-fiction of interest to writers

Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Trust site includes articles of interest to aspiring writers

Constant Content is a site where people post content (articles, tutorials, reviews, etc) for sale or free, so other webmasters can download or purchase them to add content to their web site.

The Society of Indexers, for anyone who wishes to learn to index or to find a qualified indexer.

Writing for Comics is about just that; writing a comic book or strip.

Original Writing Webring

The Romance Around the World webring is a collection of sites to promote romantic fiction (not erotica).

Quotations can be useful for an author; they can provide inspiration for a new story, give a character a quirk (remember Patricia Wentworth's retired governess turned detective, Miss Silver, who quotes Tennyson all the time) or just provide the right saying for a character - for example, for a speech at a wedding. There are more quotations than you can imagine to be found on the Quotation Ring This is a webring for sites with collections of quotations. Sites here gather quotes from all sorts of sources, some are general collections of quotes from TV, radio, books and films, others use quotes from real life and others are themed collections. Quotes may be collected by subject e.g journalism, death and dying, nature, or from a specific source e.g. Bill Clinton, Frank Lloyd Wright, Sherlock Holmes, the Bible, the books of Frank Herbert.

trAce Online Writers Community

Internet Resources for Writers includes a directory of agents and lots more

More resources can be found at forwriters.com which includes a very useful selection of links to reference sites which may be useful. Also a good way to pass a quiet evening, exploring the various sites.

For sites which may be useful for research, see my page of miscellaneous links.

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