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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Catalogue Contents Page (Last updated 1st September 2019)

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Photographic and Cine Equipment

Still Equipment (includes cameras and accessories)

Cine Equipment (includes cameras, projectors, lamps and accessories)

For background information, see Cine Gauges, Fred's Personal Guide to Super-8 Cine Cameras and Fred's Personal Guide to Cine Projectors.

Other (includes books, films, View Master, instruction books, audio equipment, video equipment and binoculars)


Model Railway Catalogue


Book Catalogue





Web site problem seems to have been solved

Moving our F. & S. Marriott web site to its new home appears to have solved all the problems I was having. The Internet being what it is, almost a miracle, no doubt things will still go wrong from time to time, but I can cope with this. Anyone finding difficulty in communicating with me, please let me know. Our email address is marriottworld@mac.com. Other addresses used in the past are no longer in operation. Also, I have started to use my mobile more. The number for this is 07450 427868.


New item starting next month


Stephanie was a "Trekky" (is that the correct word to describe an ardent fan of the renowned televisions programme?) and she collected a vast quantity of books and DVDs of the series, which are of no interest to me, so I am putting some of them on our website for sale. Stephanie, with the collaboration of a good friend, wrote a tv script for a show, which was sent in but not accepted, but this will not be sold.


News from Ferrania

Work is still going on at Ferrania in Italy. The aim is to produce a new Reversal Colour Film for use in amateur 35 mm., rollfilm, and cine cameras. This type of film is currently not available, and is sorely missed. Progress at Ferrania with the restoration of plant to enable the new film to be manufactured, appears to be continuing. A number of unexpected problems have been encountered, and overcome so far. Progress is still ongoing. For details go to filmferrania.it where there is an interesting new site.


Our premises in Hornsea are open by appointment only

Our premises in Hornsea are open by appointment only. Please give me some warning if you need to visit. There is nothing to see at our Hornsea premises unless previous arrangements are made. Any item shown in our online catalogue can be seen, or collected, from our premises by advance arrangement. Arrangements to visit can usually be arranged given twenty-four hours notice, subject to our other commitments.

Our new premises are easy to find. Take the main road through Hornsea, heading towards Withernsea. The first roundabout you go past the Tesco supermarket. Carry on to the second roundabout, and take the third exit on that roundabout onto Old Bridge Road. As you go along Old Bridge Road there are two industrial estates on the left hand side with high iron railings. We are in the second one, Bridge Court, Unit 3A, and there is plenty of parking space. Using satnav, you should locate our premises by entering 3a HU18 1RP.

I have discovered a rather large number of 16 mm. sound cine projectors. These are all thought to be in good condition. The machines are made by Paillard Bolex, Siemens, Eike, and of course Bell & Howell. Almost every machine is a different model, but mostly they date from the later series of production. The big job is testing them and cataloguing them. First, I must find a suitable test film. I know that one of the Bell & Howell machines takes both optical and magnetic sound tracks, so that will be interesting. Somewhere I have a publicity film for the diesel engine manufacturer Maudslay, which has a magnetic sound track. That will be interesting. Another film kicking around somewhere is an American film made at a Beatles Pop Concert at some great performance in the U.S.A. From memory this is about 1,600 feet with an optical sound track. No doubt it is worth a bob or two.

16 mm. Sound Projectors are too big and heavy to send using the postal service. Safe packing is no longer possible. So the answer must be that such machines can only be sold if the buyer is prepared to collect the machine from our premises.


A new preserved railway for East Yorkshire

I travel fairly regularly from Hornsea to Terrington, and always stop at Fimber, where the East Yorkshire County Council have constructed a delightful picnic stop on the old station site of Sledmere and Fimber, on the former Malton and Driffield Railway, which finally closed in 1958. There is a toilet facility there, and in season the snack bar provides home made cakes and drinks of excellent quality. A short distance away, on the other side of the road, the Yorkshire Wolds Railway is developing facilities for the beginnings of a preserved railway, eventually running from Fimber towards Wetwang. A short stretch of standard gauge track has been laid, and a diesel shunting locomotive obtained, and they are looking for members. The railway has a website at .



Old Projector Lamps

I have been collecting projector lamps for almost as long as I can remember, certainly long before I commenced working as a photographic dealer. An encounter with a local lamp wholesaler in Bradford in the 1960s encouraged my interest, and some of you may be aware of what happens next! It becomes an obsession! The wonderful precision lamps produced from the 1930s, developed by companies like Philips, Sylvania, Thorn, and so on, specifically designed to improve the performance of still and cine projectors, were magic for me. These wonderful engineering creations were fascinating. Then when we started our photographic business in the early 1980s, I began building up my collection of projector lamps, and offering them for sale.

It proved to be a useful side-line. By this time much of the photographic retail trade had lost interest in most of these old-style lamps, because they were slow sellers, and they got rid of them, often to us. Every school in the country had both still and cine projectors, with spare lamps, and they began to be replaced by television equipment. Lamp manufacturers found that the demand for projector lamps had decreased so they stopped making them. We, however, were still interested, and bought up stocks and collections.

We can now offer original projector lamps from stock, for almost every still and cine projector ever sold in the U.K. There are two principal exceptions - products under the Pathescope name (lamps for these tended to disappear when Pathescope died nearly sixty years ago) - and GB-Bell & Howell early 8 mm. projectors, for which we can still supply original-type lamps, but they are very rare, and therefore expensive.


View-Master Reel Half Price Clearance Sale continues

Our View-Master stock of stereoscopic reels continues to be offered. Following our policy of reducing the price of unsold items, older catalogued items are now offered at less than half our original price. Our clearance offer still applies to these items.

We are offering a clearance sale on all our stock of View-Master Reels with our catalogue numbers below (24000), provided that your total order exceeds GBP 100.00 in value. This means that your choice of reels will be half the price shown in our online catalogue, in other words GBP 50.00 instead of GBP 100.00. Normal postage rate will apply.


Price Reductions

It is our normal practice to reduce the prices of items which have been in our catalogue a long time. In most cases this eventually results in a sale. It is a rare event for us to place any item out for recycling, unless it is in poor condition, and is unsuitable for use as spare parts.



We do not do repairs, and do not have spare parts for sale. We sometimes have cameras which are suitable for dismantling for spare parts, and when available, these are shown in our online catalogue.

If we find anything useful about sources of spare parts, we will put the contact information on our Spares and Repairs page.



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