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February 2002 - Zeiss Ikon Nettar cameras

The Nettar series of cameras has to be one of the most successful of all Zeiss Ikon cameras. It was made as a low cost alternative to the more expensive Ikonta. Most Nettars carry the name on the leather trim; all Nettars carry a model number which will identify it.This number is embossed in the leather and can be hard to read.
Nettar cameras all take 120 roll-film (readily available), but they may take 16, 12 or 8 pictures giving 4.5 x 6 cm., 6 x 6 cm., and 6 x 9 cm. size negatives respectively.
Nettars were generally offered with a Tessar, Nettar or Novar lens. Several different shutters were used from the cheaper Vario shutter to the more expensive Prontor and Compur shutters. Although none of these cameras have enormous value, the cameras with Tessar lenses and Prontor shutters generally fetch slightly more than those with Novar or Nettar lenses.
The Zeiss Ikon Bob (model number 510) is the first camera to carry the Nettar name - it was introduced about 1934 and here in Britain it was marketed as a Nettar. Two versions were made, one for 16 on 120 (510) and one for 8 on 120 (510/2). Prices varied depending on the specification of the camera. The 510/2 with f/7.7 lens in Automat shutter was just over £2 12s while the 510 with f/6.3 lens in Telma shutter was £4 (both prices are taken from a 1937 catalogue).
Also introduced in about 1934 was the Nettar 515, taking 16 on 120 and later the 515/2 taking 8 pictures on 120. Several versions of the cameras were made with a variety of lens and shutter combinations. In 1937, the 515 with Nettar f/4.5 lens and Klio shutter cost over £5 while the cheapest 515/2 had a Nettar f/6.3 lens and a Derval shutter, costing £3 15s. The most expensive of the range was the Nettar 515 with Tessar f/4.5 lens and Compur OS shutter, at almost £10.
A restyled Nettar range was introduced in about 1949. These cameras have a chrome top-plate, optical viewfinder and top-plate release.
The 517/16 - also known as the Nettar II - takes 12 pictures on 120 roll-film. It has a direct vision viewfinder and accessory shoe. Several versions of this camera were made to suit different pockets. For example, in 1953 the 517/16 with Novar f/6.3 75 mm. lens and Vario shutter was about £13 whereas with Novar f/4.5 75 mm. lens and Prontor S shutter it is about £22. It was discontinued in about 1958 in Britain. Picture
The 518/16 takes 12 pictures on 120. This camera is also referred to as the Signal Nettar or Nettar IIb. It is the same as the 517/16 but has double exposure prevention. In 1958 this camera, with 75 mm. f/4.5 Novar lens and Vario shutter cost about £9 whereas with the same lens and Prontor SVS shutter it was just under £15. This camera was discontinued in Britain about 1959. Picture
The 517/2 - also called the Nettar II - takes 8 pictures on 120. It has a folding optical finder and accessory shoe. Fitted with a 105 mm. f/6.3 Novar lens and Vario shutter, it cost just over £15 in 1953. It was discontinued in Britain about 1954.
The 518/2 takes 8 pictures on 120 and may also be referred to as the IIc. It is similar to the 517/2 with the addition of double-exposure prevention. In 1953, fitted with Novar 105 mm. f/4.5 lens and Vario shutter, it cost almost £18. This camera was discontinued in Britain about 1958.

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