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May 2010. Stephanie died peacefully on 19th April after a short stay in hospital. She had been suffering from acute cervical cancer. Fred will continue to run the business to the best of his ability. The web site is slowly getting under control again as he tries to take over some of Stephanie's responsibilities, and learns some of the mysteries of Dreamweaver.

Pieces An on-line look at cameras etc. by Stephanie Marriott

December 2008 Kodak Instamtic 800

January 2005 Haking (Halina) and Hanimex

Halina Prefect, Halina A1, Halina Viceroy, Halina Paulette and Paulette Electric, Halina 35x (also Micronta 35x and Sunscope 35x), Hanimex Electra II, Hanimex Hanimar, Halinex Mini and Mini 218.

February 2004 Three Iloca cameras

Electric, Auto-Electric and Automatic

November 2004 A mixture of cameras with unusual or innovative design features.

Nagel Pupille, Canon EX EE and EX Auto, Penti, Penti I and Penti II

August 2004 - Agfa Silette cameras

May 2004 - Cine Miscellany

Kodacolor film, Eumig C3, C3R and C3M, Paillard Bolex P1, P2, P3 and P4.

February 2004 - Ensign Selfix cameras

November 2003 - Kershaw cameras

August 2003 a mixture.

Contarex Special, Bolsey B22, Pentina, Petri 35

May 2003 - Widescreen Filming

February 2003 - Eumig P8 projectors

November 2002 - Splicing Film

February 2002 - Zeiss Ikon Nettar cameras

October 2001 - Film Speed Rating systems conversion chart

August 2001 - Series filters.

June 2001 - a look at cartridge-loading cine projectors

April 2001 - some 16 mm. cine cameras

February 2001 - a few Coronet cameras

December 2000 - Braun Nizo Super-8 Silent Cine Cameras

October 2000 - Zenith 35 mm. single lens reflex cameras

Zenith 3, 3M, E, EM, B, BM, TTL and 11, plus a little about preset and automatic lenses.

August 2000 - Nizo Standard-8 Cameras

Heliomatic S2R, Heliomatic Trifo, Exposomat 8R and 8T, Heliomatic Reflex, Heliomatic Focovario

June 2000 - Kodak Retina Cameras

March 2000 - British Cameras

Ilford Advocate, Ensign Multex, Agilux Agimatic and Agima, Kershaw Peregrine I, II and III, Kershaw Curlew I, II and III.

January 2000 - Beaulieu Super-8 Cine Cameras

December 1999 - Canon Super-8 Cine Cameras

November 1999 - Rollei 35 cameras

I am sorry there was no October Pieces - we had uploading problems

September 1999 - Paillard Bolex H16 FAQ

August 1999 - Olympus

Olympus Pen D, D1 and D2, Olympus Pen EES and EED, Olympus Pen EF and Olympus Pen 8EE

July 1999 - Minox

Riga Minox, Minox A, Minox B and Minox C

June 1999 - Univex

Univex Mercury I and II, Univex AF cameras and Univex straight-8 cameras.

October 1998 - Zeiss Ikon

Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8, Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 126, Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel I and II.

September 1998 - Single-8 cine cameras

Elmo C-200 and C-300 Zoom cine cameras; Fujica Single-8 cine cameras - ZC1000, P1 and ZS400

August 1998 - Kodak

Kodak Brownie 127, Kodak Instamatic 50, Kodak Electric 8 Automatic Standard-8 cine camera, Kodak Instamatic M2 Super-8 cine camera, Kodak Instamatic M12 Super-8 cine camera.

July/August 1998 - a mixture

Minolta Autopak 800, Eumig Nautica, Admira 16A

June/July 1998 - a mixture

Rollei SL26, Braun Nizo 148, Braun Nizo S800 and Star Trek, Canon Dial and "The Prisoner"

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