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The Praktica IV and V cameras

From a 1974 advertising leaflet

PRAKTICA IV 1959-1964 A permanently fixed pentaprism in place of waist-level reflex finder

PRAKTICA IV B 1961-1964 Built in uncoupled photo-electric meter

PRAKTICA IV M 1961-1964 Wedge-type split-image rangefinder cenre in the ground-glass screen

PRAKTICA IV BM 1961-1964 Combines built-in exposure meter of IV B with split-image rangefinder of IV M

PRAKTICA IV F 1962-1964 Replacement of the condeser reflex finder lens by a Fresnel image field lens with split-image rangefinder and ground glass focusing ring; optical system produces the maximum of even illumination right out to the corners of the finder image

PRAKTICA IV FB 1963-1964 As model IV F, only with uncoupled exposure meter

PRAKTICA V F 1964-1965 The first model with instant-return mirror and the standard geometrically-arranged shutter speeds

PRAKTICA V FB 1964-1965 Tne same as model V F, only with uncoupled photo-electric exposure meter

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