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Praktica Super TL3

Praktica Super TL3

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From undated catalogue.

The automatic exposure control of this model is based on the proven PENTACON internal light metering system through the lens (TTL) with beam splitter, condeser and photo resistant cell. With it the correct exposure is regularly obtained, as only the light which is used to produce the picture takes part in measuring.The measuring angle and the picture angle of the lens areidentical and theexposure factors for filters and extension accessories are covered when measuring. A genuine exposure auotmation is obtained: either the aperture or the shutter speed are pre-selected and the appropriate second factor for the exposure is obtaiined by lining up the pointer with the indicator in the viewfinder. Metering is done stopped down by depressing the conveniently designed measuring key which is arranged close to the shutter.

Plus and minus symbols above and below the mark in the viewfinder warn against over- and under-exposure.

Other technical features of this model: steel blade focal plane shutter (shutter speeds 1/500 to 1 sec. and B). Flash synchronisation for electroniic flash units and flash lamps: flash connection through centre contact of the integral accessory shoe, and flash socket for cable connection at camera front (two flash units can so be simultaneously used even if they are of different electrical connection - convenient utilisation of the dual flash technique). Shortest synchro speed for electronic flash units about 1/125 sec. Prism finder with large brightest finder image being always true to side and upright. Readiness indicator in the viewfinder. Brightness increasing Fresnel lens with metering wedges, micro-prism centre, and matt glass ring for fine focussing. Automatic PL-Filmloading for the simplest loading imaginable. Conveniently placed angled shutter release. Return mirror (the finder image is practically always visible and disappears only for the duration of the actual exposure which is generally only a fraction of a second). Quick cocking lever with short winding angle. Hinged-on back. Automatic frame counter (self-resetting on opening the back of the camera). Pleasant elastic camera cover. Interchangeable lenses with focal lengths from 20 mm. to 1,000 mm., and to 300 mm. with automatic stoppinig down.

Dimensions: with PENTACON auto f/1.8 50 mm. MC lens: 142 mm x 96 mm x 88 mm.

Weight: with PENTACON auto f/1.8 50 mm. MC lens and PX625 battery: 770 g.

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