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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Original Boxes for Equipment

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.


Please note that there is nothing inside these boxes unless specifically stated.

Agfa Isolette I camera, labelled for Agnar f/4.5 and Vario shutter, very good condition. (25781) £5.

Agilux Agifold camera, appears to take all models, unusual clean striking design, excellent condition. (25788) £15.

Alpa Rotul Ball And Socket Head, apparently made by ???? for the original Swiss company Pignons, near mint condition. (25783) £5.

Beaulieu 1008XL Super 8 camera, includes one or two original accessories, excellent condition. (25789) £5.

Braun Paxette Super IIL, excellent condition but top face is dusty. (25785) £5.

Canon Epoca 35 mm. Autofocus Camera 35 mm. to 105 mm., mint condition. (25786) £5.

Kodak Retinette Close Up Rangefinder for 45 mm. camera lens, includes keeper and box for NII 32 mm. supplementary lens. (25792) £6.

Kodak (UK) Six-20 'Kodak" Junior Doublet folding camera, box soiled but excellent condition. (25782) £10.

Leitz Leicina 8S cine camera, excellent condition but slightly soiled. (25784) £10.

Minox 110 S Presentation Case, excellent. (25797) £5.

Paillard Bolex D8LA pocket camera no. 939908, with internal box with inserts and packing. This must have been one of the last made. Excellent condition. (25794) £25.

Paillard Bolex H Series Cable Release, excellent condition. (25795) £5.

Paillard Bolex H Series Sure Fire Grip, with insert. Box sound but exterior is a little shabby. (25790) £5.

Paillard Bolex H8 RX Fader, excellent with cardboard insert. (25978) £5.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras Models B and C, shaped insert in the box, excellent condition. (25796) £5.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras Delclic Pistol Grip, for later pocket cameras and Zoom Reflex models only. Box has shaped insert. Excellent condition. (25791) £5.

Paillard Bolex Pocket Cameras LA Models Parallax Corrector Set VAPAR and VAPIE with instructions. (26916) £4.

Rollei B35 35 mm. camera, box excellent but internal corners of the lid need repair. (25787) £5.

Weston Master II Cine Meter, box has insert to hold meter, excellent condition. (25793) £5.

Weston Euro-Master with plastic insert to take meter and strap. Excellent condition. (27461) £4.

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