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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Darkroom Equipment for sale

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.


Algeva Print Washer Auto Siphon, automatically changes washing water in normal sink or basin by siphon action, removing most of the water at intervals. Near mint condition. (775) £5.

Dallmeyer Enlarging Lens 1 inch f/3.5, in mint condition in original box. (21646) £40.

Developing Tank, 35 mm. Photax, easy-load spiral, good modern design, excellent condition. (24958) £8,

Developing Tank, Universal, for 35 mm., 127, and 120 films, modern inversion design, easy losd spiral, excellent condition. (25775) £6.

Developing Trays 10 in. x 12 in. (3) in excellent condition but slightly dirty. (26865) £4.

Durst Neotar-N 50 mm. f/3.5 Enlarging Lens with 39 mm. thread in Durst Setopia 2839 flange. Mint condition. (24665) £11.

Durst Enlarging Lens, 50 mm. f/2.8 Neonon, looks unused, in original keeper and box. (25757) £21.

Enlarger Easel, PZO, 240 mm. x 180 mm., excellent. (16199) £12.

Enlarging Lens, 50 mm. f/3.5 unbranded, 39 mm. thread, mint condition. (24667) £8.

Gnome-Wilon Enlarging Lens 75 mm. f/4.5, 39 mm. thread, some marking of lens coating which will not affect performance. (24668) £8.

Ilford Ilfospeed Multigrade II Filter Set with holder and full instructions, mint condition, original box. (26008) £5.

Komura Enlarging Lens, 50 mm. f/3.5 Komuranon-E, M39 mounting thread, in original keeper and box, looks unused. (24500) £29.

Meopta Enlarging Lens 50 mm. f/4.5 Anaret, 39 mm. thread, illuminated aperture settting, original keeper and box. Lens looks unused. (24718) £7.

Minolta Enlarging Lens, 75 mm. f/4.5 E. Rokkor, excellent condition. (24523) £18.50.

Minolta Enlarging Lens, 75 mm. f/4.5 E. Rokkor, M39 screw fitting, for 6 cm. x 6 cm. negatives, near mint condition. (25104) £38.

Nikon EL-Nikkor Enlarging Lens 50 mm. f/2.8, 39 mm. thread, illuminated aperture setting. Mint condition. (24666) £41.

Nikon EL-Nikkor Enlarging Lens 50 mm. f/4, stops to f/16, M39 screw, mint condition in original keeper. (24926) £33.

Paterson Developing Tank Model II 35 mm., easy-load spiral (transparent), rapid emptying, looks unused in original box with instructions. (24489) £6.

Paterson Developing Tank Super System 4 for 35 mm. film, easy-load transparent spiral, takes 10 oz. of solution, easy-fill and empty, looks unused. (24085) £5.

Paterson Enlarger Focus Finder, excellent condition but dusty. (26003) £3.

Philips Colour Analyser PCA-061, looks unused in original box, cost a fortune when new! (24710) £12.

Rhako Print Roller Squegee. £1.

Salter Photo Balance, spring balance with plastic beaker, measuring in grammes with conversion into grains. Estimated 1950. Looks unused in original box. (26087) £9.

Taylor Hobson Enlarging Lens 2 inch f/3.5 Ental II, illuminated stop indicator, 31.65 mm. thread. Possibly the finest enlarging lens ever made? Excellent condition. (25860) £59.

Wray Supar 4 1/4 inch f/4.5 Enlarging Lens, 38 mm. diameter thread, near mint condition. (26237) £17.

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