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Photocopies of Instruction Books

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.

Original instruction books (and the occasional bought-in photocopy) are listed here. Other photographic books, catalogues etc. are listed under Books. See also Magazines

Instruction books listed here are those from our own collection which we can copy. This is not a complete list of all the instruction books we have. Please email, with the destination country so that we can include postage and packing, to see whether we have the instruction book you are seeking.

All instruction book copies are in English, unless stated otherwise. If the instruction book has several separate sections with the instructions in different languages, the price given is for the English section only. Some of the more expensive books are multilingual, with several languages on each page. If you want instructions in a language other than English, please email.

Agfa Super-8 cine camera instruction books

Movexoom 6/10 mos electronic £8

Movexoom 6/10 sound mos electronic £11

Agfa Standard-8 cine camera instruction books

Movex Reflex £9

Agfa instruction books (other)

Diamator 1500 £5.50

Sonnector LS £10

Arco cine camera instruction books

CD-8 Standard-8 £7

Asahi - see Pentax

Bauer cine camera instruction books

S 209 XL £12.50

Bauer cine projector instruction books

TR220 £7

Beaulieu cine camera instruction books

4008 ZM II £7

S2008 £6

Bell and Howell instruction books

606 £3

613H £2.50

621 £6

625 £2.50

Autoload 356 £2.50

Bell and Howell Service Manuals

Filmosound 16 mm. projectors models 631, 636 and 640 (1958) £32

Bolex instruction books (for pre-Eumig instruction books, see Paillard Bolex, below)

18-9 Super-8 cine projector £4.50

18-9 Super-8 cine projector, with supplement £5

581 Super-8 cine camera £6

680 Super-8 cine camera £9

SM80 MS projector £9

Braun Nizo - see Nizo

Camex - see Ercsam

Canon cine camera instruction books

514XL £3.50

814 Auto Zoom Electronic (copied from a poor original but copies will be usable) £5

814 XLS/1014 XLS £23

1014 Electronic £5

Chinon cine camera instruction books

Pacific 12 SMR £7.50

Elmo cine camera instruction books

612S XL £5

Ensign camera instruction books

Autorange 16/20 £2

Ercsam camera Instruction Books

Camex Reflex standard-8 £3.50

Camex Reflex CR standard-8 £4

Eumig camera Instruction Books

Eumig Mini 3 £3

Eumig cine projector Instruction Books (this is all we have)

Eumig 604 £1.50

Eumig 820 822 Sonomatic £8

Eumig Mark 501 £1.50

Eumig Mark 510D £4

Eumig Mark 610D 607D £2

Eumig Mark 8 £2

Eumig Mark 802 802D £7

Eumig Mark DL £3

Eumig Mark M £6

Eumig Mark S £9

Eumig Mark S 701/709 £4

Eumig Mark S 710 D £6

Eumig Mark S 712 £3

Eumig Mark S 807D 810D £7

Eumig P8 £1.50

Eumig P8 Automatic £5

Eumig P8 Automatic Novo £5

Eumig P8d £1.50

Eumig P8 Imperial £5

Eumig P8m £4

Eumig P8m Imperial £6

Eumig P8 Phonomatic £8

Eumig P8 Phonomatic Novo £7.50

Eumig P8 Zoom £1.50

Eumig RS3000 £9

Eumig S905 £8

Eumig S910 £9

Eumig S934 Automix £7.50

Eumig bevel cement splicer £1.50

Exakta - see Ihagee cameras

Fed - see Russian cameras


Sixtar CdS meter £2

Hanimex Sekonic

L8 meter £3.50

Ihagee camera instruction books

Exakta VX1000 £6.50

Kiev - see Russian cameras

Leitz Leica camera and accessories instruction books (this is all we have)

Leica IIIg £3.50

Leica M3 £4

Leica M4 £4

Leica Meter MR £3

Leica Minilux £7

Leicaflex SL £5

Leitz Leicina cine camera instruction books (this is all we have)

Leicina 8 SV £3.50

Leicina Special £5

Leicina Super RT1 £4

Leicina 8V £4

Leicina 8S £2

Lomo - see Russian cameras

Lubitel - see Russian cameras

Minox camera instruction books (this is all we have)

Minox 110 S £3.50

Minox 35EL £4

Minox 35GL £4.50

Minox 35MB £6

Minox 9.5 mm. £5

Minox LX £5

Nikon cine camera instruction books

Nikon 8x Superzoom £8.50

Nizo cine camera instruction books

156XL £3.50

3056 £7

561 £8.50

801 £8.50

801/561/481 £7.50

Exposomat 8T £7

Heliomatic Trifo £10

S560 £4.50

S800 £4.50

Noris cine instruction books

5002 Sound XL Macro/8002 Sound Macro £3

Olympus instruction books

AZ-300 Superzoom £14.50

Trip 35 £2

Paillard-Bolex instruction books - Multi-gauge/9.5 mm. (for post-Eumig instruction books, see Bolex, above)

Type G cine projector £5.50

Paillard-Bolex instruction books - Standard-8 (for post-Eumig instruction books, see Bolex, above)

18-5 cine projector £2

C8 cine camera £5

D8L cine camera £7

D8LVS cine camera £6.50

K2 cine camera £7

M8R cine projector £2.50

P3 cine camera £5

P4 cine camera £7

Paillard-Bolex instruction books - Super-8 (for post-Eumig instruction books, see Bolex, above)

150 Super cine camera £7.50

160 Macrozoom £8

Multimatic cine projector £5

Paillard-Bolex instruction books - 16 mm. (for post-Eumig instruction books, see Bolex, above)

MCE-17B motor £2

U-62 motor £2

Pentax instruction books

ME Super £5

Praktica instruction books

MTL50 £6

Prinz instruction books

Magnon 800 £3

Magnon 800ZR £2.50

Magnon Duo £3

Magnon LV £2.50

Rollei instruction books

Rollei Magic £2.50

Russian camera instruction books (this is all we have)

Cosmic 35 £2

Cosmic Symbol £2.50

Fed 3 £4.50

Fed 4 £3

Kiev 4/4A £4.50

Lomo 135BC £3.50

Lomo LCA £1.50

Lubitel 166B £3

Lubitel 166 Universal £3

Lubitel 2 £2.50

Zenith 12XP £5

Zenith E £2

Zenith EM £7

Zenith TTL £7

Zorki 4 £4

Zorki 4K £2.50

Sankyo cine projector instruction books

Dualux 1000 £5.50

Voigtlander camera instruction books (this is all we have)

Bessa I £4.50

Bessamatic £5.50

Brilliant V6 £1.50

Prominent with accessory shoe £5

Prominent with lever wind and multi-frame viewfinder £5

Prominent II £4.50

VF 135 £3

Vitessa 'barn door' model £4.50

Vitessa 'barn door' model, meter £5.50

Vito IIa £4.50

Vito B small viewfinder £4.50

Vito CL £3.50

Vito CLR £3.50

Voigtlander other instruction books (this is all we have)

Dynalux 8 sound projector £2

Proximeter (Prominent and Vitessa) £1.50

Proxirect for Vito, Vitomatic £1.50

Prominent 100 mm. f/5.5 Telomar with reflex housing £2

Weston exposure meter instruction books

Weston Master III £6


Tape splicer £2

Zeiss Ikon

Contaflex II £5.50

Diaphot £1

Movikon 8 £5

Movikon 8B £5.50

Movilux 8B £6

Zenith - see Russian cameras

Zorki - see Russian cameras

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