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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Lamps for sale

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.


Exciter Lamps

Movie Lights etc.

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Details show wattage, voltage, cap, and BS type number. Most of these lamps are now obsolete. For information on caps, see Classic Camera Magazine issue no. 5.

10w 6v B15S Editor Lamp (25812) £3.

10w 6v B15D for some editors. (20087) £2.50.

25w 25v B15S A1/165 Wotan. £12.

48w 6v SBC F/2, Mazda boxed. £4.

50w 8v P30S A1/17 Atlas, slightly used. (22043) £20.

50w 8v P30S A1/17 Philips very slightly used. (24877) £24.

50w 8v P30S A1/17 Atlas unused boxed. (25485) £26.

50w 8v P30S A1/185 Toshiba slightly used. (26103) £20.

50w 8v P30S A1/185 Philips, looks unused. (26165) £26.

50w 8v P30S A1/202 Atlas unused boxed. (25818) £26.

50w 8v G6.35 A1/229 Elmo, looks unused. (21489) £20.

50w 8v P30S A1/263 Atlas. £50.

50w 8v P30S A1/263 Thorn slightly used. (26245). £35.

50w 12v G6.35 A1/220 Osram Xenophot unused boxed. (22726) £6.

50w 100v B15S A1/2 Mazda boxed. (11947) £25.

50w 115v B15S A1/2 Mazda unused boxed. (22720) £25.

75w 12v P35S A1/224 Philips boxed. £35.

75w 12v G6.35 A1/230 Wotan Bellaphot unused boxed. (24662) £9.

75w 12v G6.35 A1/230 Philips slightly used. (27355) £6.

100w 12v P28 A1/4 Mazda in packet. £20.

100w 12v PG22 A1/45 Osram, unused boxed. (22703) £16.

100w 12v B15S A1/186 Mazda, unused, boxed. (25205) £20.

00w 12v B21S A1/193 Osram boxed. (23597) £40.

100w 12v B21S A1/193 BTH/Eumig M, slightly used. (24393) £30.

100w 12v P35S A1/203 Wotan unused boxed. (22680) £35.

100w 12v G6.35 A1/215 Realite, new boxed. (27315) £6.

100w 12v G6.35 A1/231 Osram Xenophot, unused boxed. (24567) £9.

100w 12v G6.35 A1/231 Wotan, slightly used. (26926) £6.

100w 30v P28 A1/3 Philips unused boxed. (24589) £45.

100w 220v single centre contact double bayonet, unused in original box with instructions. (27379) £20.

100w 115v P28 A1/4 Philips. (11924) £35.

100w 250v P28 A1/4 Philips unused boxed. (22751) £30.

100w 115v B15S A1/21 Atlas boxed. £15.

150w 12v G17Q for Bauer T10R, Fuji, unused boxed. (24089) £45.

150w 15v G6.35 A1/232 (EFR) Thorn boxed. £9.

150w 15v G6.35 A1/234 Atlas unused boxed. (22721) £15.

150w 21v G17Q DCA (A1/184) GE, unused. £45.

150w 21.5v G17Q A1/194 Atlas, slightly used. (26162) £25.

150w 21.5v G17Q A1/194 Atlas, unused, boxed. (26187) £65.

150w 21v GX5.3 EJM GE, unused boxed. (26136) £20.

150w 21.5 v G17Q A1/210 Atlas. £38.

150w 21.5 v G17Q A1/211 Atlas. £38.

150w 21.5v G17Q DCF Sylvania unused boxed. (25179) £38.

150w 21.5v G17Q A1/221 Atlas, boxed. (16821) £45.

150w 21v GY7.9 A1/266 DNF unbranded unused. (24011) £16.

150w 24v G6.35 A1/216 unbranded unused. (19922) £5.

150w 24v G6.35 A1/216 Atlas, looks unused. (21492) £6.

150w 115v B15D A1/168 Atlas boxed. £5.

150w 240v B15S A1/167 Atlas unused boxed. (25094) £18.

150w 240v B15D A1/168 Philips unused boxed. (22767) £18.

200w 24v G5.3 A1/252 (EJL) Atlas boxed. (16135) £18.

200w 24v ESC GE slightly used. (27143) £15.

200w 50v P28 A1/13 Osram unused boxed. (22773) £49.

200w 100v B15S A1/26 Philips unused boxed. (20457) £25.

200w 100v B15S A1/26 Mazda used. (20459) £12.50.

200w 240v B15D A1/83 Philips unused. (23586) £20.

250w 24v G6.35 A1/223 Philips boxed. £6.

250w 24v PG22 A1/235 Thorn EMI unused boxed. (21399) £12.

250w 24v G6.35 1/246 Atlas slightly used. (27146) £10.

250w 24v GY7.9 A1/258 GE boxed. (16813) £15.

250w 24v GY7.9 A1/258 Hanimex slightly used. (27147 £10.

250w 50v P28 A1/5 Osram. £45.

250w 110v P28 A1/5. (16699) £38.

250w 240v P28 A1/5 Atlas. £30.

250w 230v E27 A1/14 Philips boxed. £25.

300w 100v B15S A1/38 Mazda wrapped. (11940) £25.

300w 110v P28 A1/6 Mazda, unused boxed. (23117) £30.

300w 220 v P28 A1/6 Kondo, looks unused. (27303) £30.

300w 240v B15S A1/37 Osram unused boxed. (22683) £25.

300w 240v G17Q A1/178 Hanimex, unused boxed. (23585) £30.

300w 240v B15S A1/183 Atlas, looks unused. (24488) £35.

300w 240v G17Q A1/240 Atlas unused boxed. (25190) £40.

300w 240v G6.35 A1/249 Thorn unused boxed. (22769) £25.

400w 115v BH38 A1/87 Cinetone unused boxed. (22221) £49.

500w 110v P28 A1/7 Philips boxed. (19414) £35.

500w 130v P28 A1/7 Radium used. (20408) £10.

500w 240v P28 A1/7 Atlas unused boxed. (11865) £40.

500w 240v P28 A1/7 Mazda slightly used boxed. (26016) £30.

500w 250v P28 A1/8 Atlas unused in remains of original box. (24896) £40.

500w 110v B22 3 pin A1/46 Atlas unused. (20575) £20.

500w 115v BH38 A1/47 Atlas unused boxed. (22696) £65.

00w 110v BH46 A1/160 Siemens unused boxed. (22661) £49.

500w 240v B15S A1/176 Philips unused boxed. (22657) £30.

500w 240v G17Q A1/180 Philips. £34.

500w 240v G17Q A1/205 Atlas unused boxed. (22667) £30.

500w 240v G17t A1/241 Thorn boxed. £40.

500w 240v GY9.5 A1/244 Philips unused boxed. (22700) £30.

600w 240v R7S A1/228 Philips unused boxed. (22684) £15.

650w 240v GY9.5 A1/233 GE-USA, unused. (18875) £20.

650w 240v GY9.5 A1/247 Thorn unused boxed. (22672) £15.

750w 115v P28 A1/9 Philips boxed. £35.

750w 115v BH46 A1/53 (DEJ) Atlas. £12.

750w 120v P28 "for Mitralux". (16144) £30.

750w 240v P28 A1/9 Atlas. £35.

750w 240v BH46 A1/53 Philips. £35.

750w 240v P28 A1/163 Stella. (16121) £20.

750w 240v G17Q A1/206 Atlas. £35.

800w 240v GY9.5 Thorn unused boxed. (21403) £20.

1000w 110v P28 A1/59 Philips boxed. £35.

1000w 115v BH46 A1/91 Atlas boxed. £23.

1000w 240v P28 A1/59 Osram boxed. (16118) £35.

1000w 250v G17Q A1/199 Atlas boxed. £30.

1000w 240v G17Q A1/207 Mazda boxed. £18.

1000w 240v G17T A1/242 Atlas unused boxed. (22675) £25.

1200w 115v G17Q A1/208 Atlas unused boxed. (22681) £49.

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Exciter Lamps

4a 8v ASCC G/8 Osram boxed. £8.

0.75a 4v P30S G29 Thorn unused boxed. (21409) £8.

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Movie Lights etc.

 1000w 245v P1/12 unbranded, looks new. (21966) £6.

1000w 240v P1/12 Thorn unused boxed. (22749) £8.

See Cine Accessories for complete movie lights

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