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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Accessories for sale

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.

Flash equipment

Exposure meters etc.

Other accessories including tripods, cable releases, delayed action releases, rangefinders etc.

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Flash Equipment

We use the standard method of indicating flash power output: 100 ASA film with distance in meters.

Older flash

Braun Hobby 140BC Flashgun, guide number 14. Automatic setting f/4. Hot shoe connection only. Requires two AA cells. Excellent condition. (24453) £6.

Chinon Pro-990C Flashgun, guide number 30, two automatic flash settings at f/4 and f/8, head tilts to 90 degrees, hot shoe mounting, requires four AA cells, excellent condition. (22615) £9.

Cobra Multi-Dedicated MD210 Flashgun, with some dedication to Olympus, Minolta, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax s.l.r. cameras. Adjustable bounce head. Two automatic settings f/2.8 and f/4. Guide number 21. Auto check light. Excellent condition. (24514) £9.

Cobra Multi-Dedicated MD210 Flash, requires four AA cells, guide number 20, automatic settings f/2.8 and f/4, auto check light, bounce head. Hot shoe fitting only. Excellent condition. (24934) £5.

Cullmann MC30 Flashgun, guide number 30, main flash and supplementary flash, adaptable for 24 mm., 35 mm., and 50 mm. lenses, manual 1/4 power and full power, automatic unspecified, requires four AA cells, looks a good quality flashgun in excellent condition. (22380) £7.

Flash Bar with accessory shoe, with tilt adapter, good quality German manufacture, near mint condition. (25937) £2.

Flash Bracket, accessory shoe for flashgun, very good used condition. (22820) £2.

Flash Bracket, adjustable. Flash holder incorporates handle, has adjustable accessory shoe for bounce, base plate is large enough for Rolleiflex etc., excellent condition. (23015) £2.

Flash Bracket, hinged handle type, accessory shoe for flashgun, mint condition. (23100) £2.

Flash Bracket with handle, screws into tripod bush, holds accessory shoe mounted flashgun on handle at side, good quality by Veblon, excellent condition. (25872) £2.

Flash Mounting for tripod, allows flash to be angled any way, excellent condition. (1768) £3.

Hanimex PZ1-44 Flashgun, large professional style, guide number 35, head adjusts 28/35/50/85 mm. lenses, swivel and tilt, two automatic flash settings at f/4 and f/8, flash bracket for tripod bush mounting, requires four AA cells, 3 mm. coaxial flash connection. Excellent condition in original box and packing. (22614) £11.

Metz 402 Flash Outfit, consisting of main head with mounting bracket for camera, second head (402T) with tripod mounting, pack of filters and wide-angle attachment, various connecting leads, portable power pack (batteries hold good charge but batteries not guaranteed), mains recharger, guide number 60, 402T looks unused in original packing, rest of outfit excellent condition. (20650) £60.

Metz Mecablitz 32CT3 Flashgun with wide-angle converter, dedicated modules were available but none are included, swivel/tilt head, guide number 32, automatic operation at f/8, f/4, and f/2, hot shoe or 3 mm. coaxial connections, four AA cells required, a very useful unit in excellent condition. (4014) £36.

Miranda 650 OM Flashgun, guide number 52, dedicated to Olympus OM cameras, head adjustable for bounce to 90 degrees, and wide angle to tele lens. Three automatic settings f/2, f/4, f/8. Auto check light, manual and t.t.l. switch. Requires four AA CELLS. Excellent condition. Hot shoe connection only. (24441) £16.

Miranda Multi-dedicated 700 CD Flashgun, hot shoe connection only with contacts for simple dedication to many cameras, bounce head with provision for "W, N, S, T", guide number 33, automatic flash at f.2.8 and f/4, requires four AA cells. (23484) £9.

Miranda Multi-Dedicated 700 CD Flashgun, guide number 24, normal, standard, and tele settings, automatic exposure at f/2.8 and f/4, requires four AA cells, hot shoe contact, near mint condition. (25599) £13.

National PE-3507 Flashgun, powerful, versatile equipment. Guide number 30, adjustable for 28 to 85 mm. focal length, manual settings 1, 1/4, 1/16 power, auto settings f/2.8, f/5.6, f/11, remote sensor with 2 m. lead, bounce head, 3 mm. coax. or hot shoe, excellent. (16857) £9.

Nissin Synchro-Eye Flash Slave. Unused in box with instructions. (27102) £6.

Pearson Twin PF-4 Flashgun, guide number 24, bounce head and second flash head, adjustable from wide angle to telephoto, hot shoe and 3 mm. coaxial flash contacts, very good condition. (?????) £10.

Slave Flash Controller, hot shoe for flashgun contact, tripod or accessory shoe mounting, near mint condition and working. (26284) £3.

Sunpak Auto 17 SR Thyristor Flashgun, guide number 16, manual and one automatic setting at f/2.8, hot shoe and 3 mm. coaxial connections, original instructions. Excellent condition. (24177) £4.

Sunpak Auto 33 Flashgun, horizontal or vertical mounting, hot shoe or 3 mm. coaxial connections, guide number 33, two automatic settings for f/5.6 and f/11 with 100 ASA film, requires four AA cells, condition mint. A powerful, compact unit. (26024) £11.

Sunpak Auto 33 Flashgun, Guide number 33 - very poweful. Requires four AA cells, or rechargable cells - charging unit included. Hot shoe or 3 mm. coaxial connections, verticasl or horizontal operation. Two automatic settings f/5.6 and f/11. A splendid, compact, unit. Looks unused in original packing and box. (26483) £23.50.

Sunpak Auto 140 Flashgun, guide number 16, automatic setting at f/4, manual operation, hot shoe and 3 mm. coaxial flash contacts, requires two AA cells, compact. (24740) £3.

Sunpak Auto 200 Flashgun, guide number 20, hot shoe and 3 mm. coaxial flash connections, automatic settings at f/5.6 and f/2.8 plus manual setting, requires two AA cells, near mint condition. (24231) £6.

Vivitar Auto Focus Illuminator 628AF Flashgun, hot shoe contact only, dedicated to various cameras, mint condition in Minolta soft case, required 4x AA cells. Guide number 28. A powerful, good quality unit. (26295) £14.50.

Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2600-D, guide number 20, two automatic settings f/2 and f/4, dedicated (basic only) to Canon/Nikon, works normally on all hot shoe cameras, requires four AA cells, near mint condition. (24621) £11.

Vivitar Series 1 Flashgun, 600/CR, hot shoe fitting, guide number 28, requires 4 AA cells, hinged bounce head, adjustable for 28, 35, 50, and 105 mm. lenses. Automatic settings for f/4 anf f/4.5, t.t.l. contacts to suit many cameras. Near mint condition. (26727) £20.

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Exposure Meters, etc.

Older meters may use now defunct film sensitivity rating systems. A conversion chart for most of the more common such systems is available in Pieces for October 2001

Gossen Lunasix, no. 10523, requires RM625R battery, gives readings at 100 ASA from 30 minutes at f/11 to 1/1000 sec. at f/8, also cine readings and light values. Table shows lumens and foot candles, incident light switch, long snake neck chain, original case, and box. Copy instructions. Near mint condition. (25120) £58.

Gossen Sixon Exposure Meter, incident light blind, color finder, "Sixon" label missing from front, otherwise excellent and accurate, battered original box. (21861) £9.

Gossen Sixtar with lanyard and case, a high quality CdS meter, not as big as a Lunasix. Requires PX625 cell. This is the meter we use ourselves. Excellent condition, case good used. Copy instructions. (21065) £31.

Gossen Sixtar with lanyard and case, range 1/1000 sec. at f/11 to 15 minutes at f/11 (100 ASA), requires PX13 cell, a high quality meter. Incident light converter, cine readings, light values, 1/15, 1/30 and 1/60 readings, leather ever ready case. Meter near mint, case excellent. (25776) £41.

Gossen Sixtar 2 CdS Exposure Meter, on/off/lock switch, hi/lo range, incident light attachment, still and cine readings but no light values, case and lanyard, excellent condition and accurate, two PX625 cells required, this is one of the best exposure meters. (21064) £33.

Gossen Sixtino Exposure Meter, 1/30 sec. shutter scale, DIN/ASA film speed ratings, light value scale, no cine readings, built-in incident light blind, short snake chain, a neat compact meter, accurate, and in excellent condition. (23481) £12.

Gossen Sixtomat Selenium Exposure Meter (no batteries required), one of the great German classic meters, ivory body, gold trim and chain (now a little tarnished), fitted hide pouch case, roller blind for incident light reading, colour temperature indicator, in excellent condition and seems accurate. (26081) £27.

Leningrad 4 Selenium Exposure Meter, needs no battery, accurate and in mint condition. (27230) £6.

Leningrad 4 Selenium Exposure Meter, Hi and Lo lighting levels, later type incident light attachment, leather case and lanyard. Near mint condition, appears to be accurate. (27327) £6.

Mini Rex II Selenium Exposure Meter (no batteries required), near mint condition in original leather cazse, seems accurate but has old Schneder and Weston speed ratings. (26776) £10.

Precisious Selenium Exposure Meter, no batteries required, a compact Japanese meter, looks well made, and is accurate. 1/25 sec. scale. Original hide ever ready case. Near mint condition. (26334) £5.

Stitz Exposure Meter, match needle selenium type, DIN/ASA ratings, EV readings, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30 second readings, but no cine readings. In its own fitted case. Light and compact, accurate, excellent condition. (25412) £2.

Unittic Exposure Meter, selenium cell, 1/30 scale, accurate, but has slight deterioration of scale. (20083) £2. Picture

Weston Master Exposure Meter, excellent condition and accurate. (25479) £13.

Weston Master III Selenium Exposure Meter (no batteries required), in excellent original hide ever ready case, good lanyard, cosmeteically near mint but reads fractionally low. (26052) £2.

Weston Master Invercone Incedent Light Attachment, fits all models IV onwards and Euromaster, Invercone neat mint, case excellent. (25491) £9.

Weston Master Invercone Incedent Light Attachment, fits all models IV onwards and Euromaster, Invercone mint, case near mint. (26088) £11.

Weston Master Invercone Incedent Light Attachment, fits all models IV onwards and Euromaster, Invercone neat mint, case excellent. (26563) £8.

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Other Still Accessories

35 mm. Cassette, reloadable, possibly a copy of the Leitz cassette, high quality, very good used condition. (22027) £4.

Agfa Natarix Outfit for 30 mm. diameter lens. Close up lens 1 diopter, Natarix close up viewfinder, mint condition in original box with copy instructions. (24473) £9.

Air Release for shutter, 6 metres (20 feet) long, working, and looks unused. (26499) £2.

Asahi Pentax Reloadable 35 mm. Cassette, near mint. (22327) £5.


Between Lens Shutters with Lenses

Compur shutter no. 3790899, fitted with lens of unknown manufacture no. 2245064. Shutter works well at all speeds. No flash connection. Fitting not known. (26179) £15.

ICA Lens and Shutter, ICA 9 cm. f/6.8 Helkla Dopper-Anastigmatlens in ICA 1 sec. to 1/100 sec. shutter (blades need attention and someone has already tried to do it. Shutter appears to be air regulated c. 1910. Cosmetically very good. (26283) £3.

Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter (needs attention), with Bausch & Lomb Rapid Recilinear c. 4 inch lens. Sold as it is. (26178) £2.

Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter, fits 1 inch aperture, unspecified lens looks to be c. 3 inch focal length, excellent condition but needs cosmetic clean. (26282) £5.

Voigtlander Ibsor shutter 1 sec. to 1/125 sec. no. 239500. This shutter was used in the 1920s. Fitted with Voigtlander 13.5 cm. f/6.3 Voigtar lens no. 498746. Shutter needs attention. Sold as it is. (26180) £7.


Cable Release, heavy duty German make, c. 500 mm. long, with screw lock, excellent. (18940) £3.

Cable Release, 500 mm. long, heavy duty, with concentric locking ring, mint condition. (26154) £2.

Camera Adapter 60S, believed to be for use with astronomical telescope. Thread for T Mount at one end, M39 screw at other end, tube adjustment from "750 - f/12" to "3000 - f/50". Unused, boxed. (25935) £3.

Camera Outfit Case, measuring 400 x 220 x 220 - 180 mm., depth can be extended c. 40 mm., many zips and pockets and divisions, strong padded neck strap, a high quality case in near mint condition. (22631) £7.

Camera Quick Shoe. Allows immediate release or attachment of camera to tripod. Unused. (27117) £2.

Changing Bag, large size 750 mm. x 650 mm., looks unused. (24941) £7.

Hama Table Stand and Clamp, clamp variable up to 70 mm., retractable tripod feet, good ball & socket head, mint condition. (26066) £7.

Hawk Rangefinder, accessory shoe fitting, metres, rather dim but usable and accurate. Range 0.6 metre to infinity. Excellent condition. (26240) £4.

HCE Variable Close Up Lens, gives focusing at 1.6 feet, down to 0.3 feet at lens setting infinity. A useful device but 54 mm. filter thread. Mint condition with front cap and original case. (25127) £9.

Ilford Film Strip Printer, based on, and styled like, the Advocate camera, very good condition. (16733) £17.

Neck Strap, wide woven material embroidered with current "Minolta" trade mark, excellent. £5.

Omnica Accessory Case, 240 mm. x 160 mm. x 160 mm. approximately external dimentions, in brown hide with strong neck strap and pad, fitted for several lenses and other camera accessories, releases, filters, paperwork, etc. Excellent condition and typical of this famous maker. A bargain. (25772) £6.

Tripods and accessories - see below.

Video Slide Duplicator, fits onto front of video camera, looks unused with original box and instructions, Itohnar. (24875) £11.

Zoom Close Up Lens by Hoya. Gives focus from 0.1 metre to 0.49 metre. Screws into lens filter thread 55 mm. - adapters can be used. Comes with back and front caps and original case. Excellent condition. (8303) £15.

Camera Tripods and Stands now have their own page.


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