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May 2010. Stephanie died peacefully on 19th April after a short stay in hospital. She had been suffering from acute cervical cancer. Fred will continue to run the business to the best of his ability. The web site is slowly getting under control again as he tries to take over some of Stephanie's responsibilities, and learns some of the mysteries of Dreamweaver.

View-Master Viewers, Albums, and Library Boxes for sale

Please note that prices do not include delivery. Please e-mail for more information. For postage/shipping charges we need to know destination country and whether airmail or surface mail is required.

Discs are listed in order of View-Master Number. Date of first issue is stated when known. Condition relates to pictures. Disc damaged is usually stated.

Prices quoted for View-Master Reels generally reflect their condition and rarity. All discs are usable, lower-priced items usually have some damage. We do not send items on approval.


View-Master Hardware

View-Master Reels Numbers 1 to 999

View-Master Reels Numbers 1000 to 1999
View-Master Reels Numbers 2000 to 2999
View-Master Reels Numbers over 3000


View-Master Hardware

View-Master Viewers

View-Master Stereoscope Model C with damaged original box (1946-1955), works well, near mint condition but diffusing screens are damaged. Black Bakelite. Made in Belgium. (25820) £3.30.

View-Master 3 Dimension Viewer Model E (1956-60), brown Bakelite, made in Belgium, diffusing screens slightly damaged but works well, near mint condition in damaged original box. (25822) £3.90.

View-Master 3 Dimension Viewer Model E. White plastic knob. Made in Belgium. Slight damage to one plastic diffuser, but the viewer works fine. Generally mint in original box with original instructions. (27156) £5.

View-Master Projectors

View-Master Junior Projector, 120v 30w SBC lamp (looks little used), Luma-Ray 70 mm. f/3 lens, dark-coloured Bakelite with metal lamp house, currently has wiring that does not meet present-day requirements so is not suitable for use, otherwise near mint condition. (26775) £19.

View-Master Albums

View-Master Album for 30 reels, name and indes card filled in in pencil, blue cover beginning to wear, contents excellent. (25824) £3.65.

View-Master Album for 30 reels, maroon leathercloth, titles written on envelopes in ink, no index page, excellent in worn original box. (25825) £5.85.

View-Master Album for 30 reels, maroon leathercloth, titles written in ink on envelope, index page unused, previous owner's name filled in in ink, excellent in damaged original box. (25826) £5.85.

View-Master-type Album. Holds 48 reels in plastic envelopes six to a page. Made in Japan. Excellent condition. (27157) £2.

View-Master Library Boxes

View-Master Library Box, bronze base, cream top, made in France. The base has been broken and repaired. The top is missing an entire short edge flange, but remains secure on the base. Otherwise excellent. (23688) £8.

View-Master Library Box, bronze shaded base, cream top, made in Belgium. Very small chip on base. Top is complete but one corner shows cracking. (23690) £13.

View-Master Library Box, maroon base, cream top, made in U.S.A. Base undamaged. Top chipped at one corner, cracked approximately 50% of width but still secure on base. Includes twelve index cards. (23691) £4.

View-Master Index Cards for Library Box (15), four have one line written on, the rest mint. (26885) £1.60.

View-Master Index Cards for Library Box (16), six have one line written on, the rest mint. (26886) £1.60.

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