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Our online catalogue and web site is working pretty well now. I have established a monthly update for most of the catalogue, and this also is working well. I regret that I have still not been able to master photographs for the catalogue - the operation just requires more time than I have available. Most of the faulty links have been eliminated.

Ricoh Steky IIIa camera

Ricoh Steky IIIa, for pictures 10 x 14 mm. on 16 mm. film, interchangeable 25 mm. f/3.5 Stekinar, shutter 1/25 sec. to 1/100 sec., 3 mm. flash socket, excellent with orig. leather case. (17585) For the latest price, see Subminiature Cameras for sale

Click on small picture to see bigger, better quality version (note - this make take more time to download)

Ricoh Steky IIIa

Front view

Ricoh Steky IIIa

Side view

Ricoh Steky IIIa

Back and base plate

Ricoh Steky IIIa

Side view showing accessory shoe. Ignore price sticker - see catalogue for the latest price.

Ricoh Steky IIIa

Case and top view of camera

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