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Voigtlander Vito Cameras - Rigid Front Vito Cameras

by Stephanie Marriott



Guidelines for Purchasers

Data Section

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These are 35 mm. cameras with a rigid front and non-interchangeable lens.


Vito B (1954)

1957 advertisement for the Vito B

Vito BL (1956)

1957 advertisement for the Vito BL

Vito BR (1957)

Vito C (1960)

1964 advertisement for the Vito C (standard finish)

1964 advertisement for the Vito C (de luxe finish)

Vito CD (1960)

1964 advertisement for the Vito CD

Vito CL (1960)

1964 advertisement for the Vito CL

Vito CLR (1960)

Instruction Book for the Vito CLR

Vito CS (1967)

Vito CSR (1967)

Guidelines for Purchasers

The first thing to remember is that Vito B, BL and BR cameras require a film to be loaded before the interlock will operate successfully. If there is no film, then the mechanism to tension the shutter must be operated carefully, by hand.

All of these cameras are very usable but they are all at least 30 years old, in some cases over 40 years old, and are therefore well past their designed operational lifetime. Spare parts and repairs are difficult to find - if not impossible - and can be very costly.

The most popular cameras for users are those with a coupled rangefinder; the CLR is most popular as it also has a built-in meter and it is much more easily found than the CSR. However, when we have stood at camera fairs, it is the Vito B that gets the most comments - it seems that once owned, a Vito B is never forgotten and it is always spoken of with great affection.

The most easily found cameras from this range (at least here in the UK) are probably the Vito B and Vito C. The BL and CL are also fairly easy to find, the BR and CR less so (perhaps reflecting the fact that an accessory rangefinder is seen as fairly easy to use whereas an accessory meter is not perceived as so simple). The CS and CSR are both fairly unusual in the UK - I am not sure that they were ever imported as I cannot find them in catalogues and listings of the time.

Data Section


Filter Size

Vito B

32 mm. push-on

Vito BL

32 mm. push-on

Vito BR

32 mm. push-on

Vito C

32 mm. push-on

Vito CD

32 mm. push-on

Vito CL

32 mm. push-on

Vito CLR

32 mm. push-on

Vito CS

32 mm. push-on

Vito CSR

32 mm. push-on

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